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03-07-2014, 16:58
Let's get to know each other, post the following information:

Start date:
Trail name (If you have one yet):
NOBO or SOBO (and why):
Reason your thru hiking:
Level of experience:

The classes in years past have done this, and helps break the ice / get people acquainted with each other... Looking forward to meeting everyone on the trail! -Dahoyt.

03-07-2014, 20:56
March 2 or 3 ... doing the approach trail.
Just Pete & Carol for now.
Prince George, B.C.
NOBO ... doing the AT the classic way b/c we're only going to be doing it once, and we want to start as soon as possible after retiring in Feb.
Been on our life list radar since 1992. My one big regret was not biking across Canada after high school (which I always thought would be cool when I was in HS - life got in the way of that one) - ditched the bicycle idea when my wife & I started backpacking a lot back in 1990.
25 years of backpacking in the Canadian Rockies ... in the area of 15,000 kms of by now.

2015 Lady Thru-Hiker
03-07-2014, 21:25
Hey Dahoyt, thanks for starting this thread!!

March 9th for the actual start of the trail. Planning to arrive March 5th and do lower half of approach trail from arch, up the stairs to the lodge. Planning to stay at the lodge from 5th thru the 8th for the Kick Off, then take off On the morning of the 9th to finish approach and make Springer.
No trail name at present. It hasn't found me yet :-)
Currently call Mechanicsville VA home.

Doing North Bound because it seems the wise approach for someone new to distance hiking.
Because it's in my heart to do it.
Let's see, I hiked 12 miles once....

03-07-2014, 21:52
Hey, y'all! Thanks for starting this thread, Dahoyt!
I don't have a firm start date yet, probably late Feb/early Mar if I end up doing NOBO as planned. I'd like to go that way bc this is my first big hike, I can save the Whites til later ;), and the trail towns are a bit more numerous (kinda get my feet wet, so to speak). If I can't get my ducks in a row by then, however, I'm open to going SOBO.
I hike as often as possible, but have only done a little backpacking. Part of that experience was on the AT in Grayson Highlands during August. The blueberries were EVERYWHERE and I couldn't stop gorging myself, so my friends dubbed me 'Blueberry'.
The place I call home these days is in Kings Mountain, NC.

Mountain Due
03-08-2014, 17:48
Great thread.

Start time for me will be around March 20-25.
Trail name is Mountain Due.
Home town is Mount Joy PA.
I Retired in May and it's been on my to do list.
I've backpacked 4 times in Alaska, several times in Africa as well as Utah, Idaho and BC. I've never been out more than 18 days straight.
My gear list is coming together nicely and I can hardly wait. It's going to be a long year.

03-09-2014, 10:23
Start date: First week of March
Trail name:
Hometown: West Long Branch, NJ
NOBO: traditional way
Reason your thru hiking: Just will be finishing college, something i have always wanted to do.
Level of experience: Moderate, hike a little around my area, and have hiked the NJ part of the AT

03-09-2014, 22:27
Start date: early March
Trail name (If you have one yet): none yet
Hometown: Maryville, TN
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO.
Reason your thru hiking: Graduating from college...I don't want to grow up yet.
Level of experience: Been hiking/backpacking for about 8 years now...work in the outdoor industry now and this is my first of the major trails.

03-10-2014, 07:59
Start date: 3/29 (in a wedding on 3/28)
Trail name (If you have one yet):
Hometown: Durham, NC
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO. I'm from the south. Seems like 3-4-5 months in that new terrain will keep me excited every day.
Reason your thru hiking: Always wanted to. Been planning for about 15 years.
Level of experience: Backpacked in college, still hike today but haven't been on any long trips in a while

03-10-2014, 08:32
Start Date: 3/12/2015
Trail Name: None Yet
Hometown: Suffolk, VA
NOBO or SOBO: NOBO - Partly for the traditional experience. Also, I want to be trail-hardened before dealing with the Whites and Southern Maine. Also, Mt. Katahdin seems an epic way to finish. Also, more people hike NOBO and I look forward to meeting new and interesting people on trail.
Reason for thru hike: Because the AT is there. To undertake an epic challenge. To prove I can plan, execute, and actually finish something that's really hard and demanding. To break the mold of a comfortable, formulaic daily routine. To gain a new appreciation for things that are taken for granted on a daily basis. To see some fabulous scenery.
Experience: 30 or so multi-night (min 2, max 7) camping trips. Most were in a barrier island habitat (False Cape State Park in VA), and a few were in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Crabtree Falls area). Also several 10-12 mile day hikes (Torry Ridge Loop near Sherando Lake) a couple years ago.

03-10-2014, 13:09
Start date still tentative but most likely April 1 or April 15 NoBo ; doing this because I am not getting younger and cannot imagine being on death bed saying darn wish I had hiked at, been doing gear research ; reading all I can; will begin buying in may or June; will begin exercise routine in April . Have a lot to learn since I don't hike or camp much; that said I am excited; have time and resources to get on with it. Would like to find a partner (gal or guy) who is nols leader or outward bound leader to hike with. Will pay. I have two tin knees so I want to take it easy first month or so and want to watch how much weight I carry. That said I am pumped about getting this done

03-11-2014, 10:27
Start date: I would like to make it for the kick off, so I plan on coming in on the 5th staying a few days, and then hitting the trail.
Trail name (If you have one yet): I have not been blessed with one yet
Hometown: Detroit, MI (I work offshore though, so I travel everywhere)
NOBO or SOBO (and why): I am going to solo a NOBO. The AT has been on my list for a while, so I want to be traditional about it. That and Katahdin seems like the best way to finish.
Reason your thru hiking: Everybody I know seems to be getting married and having kids. I don't really have any goals, but I have always wanted to though hike the AT, so I guess this is my own version of procreation...hehe. I told my employer that I was going to do, and if they didn't give me a leave of absence I was just going to quit. My job is in pretty high demand right now, so there doesn't seem to be a valid reason not to just go do it.
Level of experience: I have about 15 years of backpacking experience, but nothing as long as the AT. I love backpacking Colorado, and the UP of Michigan, but that's about the extent of my bigger experience.

03-11-2014, 11:59
Start date: April 1, 2015
Trail name (If you have one yet): Hasn't found me yet...
Hometown: Scottsville, New York
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO if only for the 'traditional' method of an AT thru-hike. However I certainly intend to HYOH.
Reason your thru hiking: Engage in a more personal relationship with myself and the environment. Looking forward to the social fellowship with like-minded individuals who are engaging the experience in a similar manner.
Level of experience: 23'er -half a 46'er...

03-16-2014, 22:03
Start date: Late Feb or early March, not making concrete decisions like that yet. I actually enjoy winter hiking with the right equipment, and I'm OK with moving slower for a while from the resulting weight penalty. Also, I want to stick a little outside the peak of the "bubble"

Trail name (If you have one yet): Still just Matt..

Hometown: East Lyme, CT

NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO. I like the idea of how a NOBO hike flows, and one of my earliest inspirations for thru-hiking was standing on top of Katahdin on a day hike thinking "this is already incredible, imagine what it would be like hiking over 2,000 miles to get here.."

Reason your thru hiking: To take a big step away from modern society and technology, because if I don't I'll spend the rest of my life wondering what it would have been like. Because absolutely none of the typical arguments against going (opportunity cost, kids, physical health, savings, etc.) apply to me right now. Basically if I'm going to do this there probably won't be a better time in my life. Many more reasons but you get the idea.

Level of experience: A couple weekenders, haha. Planning a 7-9 day shakedown hike this fall by which time I'll hopefully have most of my kit dialed in. I live right on the trail about 14 miles south of Killington so I'm just gonna walk out the door and head north during peak foliage season.

03-16-2014, 23:48
Start date: As early as the weather permits, probably mid-March

Trail name (If you have one yet): Don't have one yet

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, so that I don't have to wait as long before starting
Reason your thru hiking: I always start to feel more at peace after 2 or 3 days camping or hiking, so I was looking for ways to spend some time living outdoors after I graduate from college. I read something about thru hikers on the AT and I love backpacking, so it seemed like the perfect way to spend a long time living outdoors and close to nature. I'm still on the fence about whether I want to hike the AT or the PCT, but as long as I'm confident that I can hike the PCT later in my life, hiking the AT first seems like the way to go.

Level of experience: I have been hiking with my family for as long as I can remember, did my first backpacking trip at 13, and have gotten back into backpacking over the last few years. I now have some experience in various types of tough conditions and am pretty confident I can handle whatever the trail brings, but I still haven't done any trips longer than 5 days so I've never tested my endurance like that.

03-17-2014, 10:47
Start date: Mid-March, planning to try to make the ATKO
Trail name (If you have one yet): I don't have one!
Hometown: Currently, Little Rock, AR
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, from what I've read, SOBO is much more challenging to plan, and less people do it.
Reason your thru hiking: because I can!
Level of experience: almost none :)

03-17-2014, 12:35
Start date: June 2015

Trail name (If you have one yet): Not sure yet

Hometown: Burlington, VT

NOBO or SOBO (and why): SOBO, I am graduating college in May, so it is easier to go South considering the start date, plus it will be interesting to do the hike in a non-traditional way.

Reason your thru hiking: I am fortunate enough to be graduating college with no debt and some extra money, So I had been brainstorming things that I could do after graduation and remembered that I had always thought it would be cool to do the AT. The idea developed from there until it became a solid plan to hike after graduation.

Level of experience: I have done a lot of day hikes, but have only ever done one overnight hike. I am planning on doing a week on the long trail this summer to make sure that I don't hate it, but I am very confident that I will love it and that my ability level is more than sufficent.

03-17-2014, 14:24
Start date: End of Feb. or beginning of March.

Trail Name: Dahoyt.

Hometown: Rutland, VT.

NOBO or SOBO: NOBO, I'd like to go to the ATKO, hike on the edge of the bubble so I have company, and go to Trail Days. Excited to experience all of that.

Reason I am Thru hiking: To prove to myself that I can, to experience trail life for an extended period of time. Also to step back, get away from society, focus on myself, have a good time, and really live...

Level of Experience: Fair amount. Been hiking for a solid ten years, done many overnights, some week long trips, and a few longer the that. I have an understanding of what works well for me, what does not, so that learning curve is already gone. Fairly confident in my abilities in the woods and on the trail...

03-20-2014, 11:15
Start date: Mid March

Trail name: Fancy Pants

Hometown: Acworth, GA


Reason your thru hiking: Just went through a Divorce last year and am looking to do something big. It has always been a dream of mine to do a thru hike and I am ready to live the dream!

Level of experience: I have been backpacking since I was a Boy Scout and have nearly 20 years experience running around in the woods both on trails and navigating my way through unmarked areas.

Rolls Kanardly
03-20-2014, 12:25
If everything goes right, I will retire in December 2014 and be ready for my NOBO March 2015. I was going to retire three years ago and hike but medical things happened forcing me to stay at home so I continued to work. The extra time at home gave me an opportunity to buy one more tent and one more sleeping bag at half the weight and 5 times the cost. Hope I do not have to stay home another year..
26430Rolls Kanardly, Dannie

03-20-2014, 22:11
Hi Folks!

They call me Conductor and I'll be starting sometime in mid March coming from Portage, Michigan. NOBO simply because I think it's the better experience. Katahdin makes an excellent goal. I'll be retiring at the end of the year, been planning this next thru hike for a long time. I remembered just yesterday what it felt like to hike all day in the rain, but hiking is the best thing I do on any given day, even if my feet hurt, or it's raining or a rabid raccoon is blocking the trail. Nothing beats a day of hiking.

Thru hiked in 2006 same trail name, but I'm studying a few things to improve on that experience. Not to say it wasn't a great experience.

03-20-2014, 22:20
Start Date: ? (Thinking last Sunday in March)
Trail Name - Skinnbones (Skin)
Crystal Beach, FL
NOBO - Never gave SOBO a single thought.
A dream of 30+ years.
Level of experience - I can spell the word "Hike"

Black Wolf
03-23-2014, 18:01
Star date : 25Jan2015 according to the Captains log
Trail Name : a Wolf named Black
Approach : yes I will approach the trail
Direction : NOBO up & down, sometimes east or west .. Never south
Why ? : have you seen the Whites and Kataydin in January

Aussie Legs
03-24-2014, 05:45
Hi everyone,
Start Date: Aiming for March 21st at this stage :)
Trail Name: I've been considering the name Aussie Legs for some time but it might still change! I kind of like the idea of being given a name on the trail :)
Home Town: York, Western Australia - yessss, I'm coming a long way to do this!
NOBO - I like the idea of hiking with lots of different people and saving the hardest part for last!!
Reason for Hiking: I've wanted to do the AT since I was about 13... yes, Bill Bryson started it all - how else would I know about something so far away!!
Experience: I did a 1000km (around 600 mile) thru hike of our local "Long Trail" (The Bibbulman Track) when I was 9. Do a week of it every now and then. Have just returned from a couple of weeks hiking in New Zealand. There are 0 mountains around so it's a bit hard to get that kind of experience. :)

Can't wait to meet some of you next year!!

03-25-2014, 16:48
Start date: sometime n March
Trail name: Skunkape
Hometown: Leesburg Florida
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, because SOBO is backwards..lol
Reason for thru hiking: I thru hiked it in 2012 and miss it so I have to get back out there. The trail as il is never done with you once you hike it.
Level of experience: I would say pretty high because of hiking it in 2012..

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03-25-2014, 22:38
Hey everyone,

Start day: 3/1/2015
no trail name yet,
home town is Panama City Beach,
I'm going NOBO and either back SOBO or just continue along the international AT
I also just finished college, and why not

03-26-2014, 14:37
Start date: Probably around March 1st
Trail name (If you have one yet): I don't have one yet, but I can't wait to see what it is!
Hometown:I live in Batesville, IN
NOBO or SOBO (and why): I'm going NOBO because that is what I'm most comfortable doing and I know more about going north than south.
Reason your thru hiking: Ever since I was 7 when I first heard of it from my dad I wanted to thru-hike it. I'm 16 now and I will be 17 when I start. It just seems like the right time to do it because I have nothing going on and I don't have really any obligations except for a job at Steak 'n Shake.
Level of experience: I've gone on a couple of weekend backpacking trips on the AT but nothing more then that. I know quite a bit of backpacking from doing research and reading lots of books. I'm also boy scout so I go camping a lot.

03-26-2014, 21:38
Start date: March 1st
Trail name (If you have one yet): none yet
Hometown: Maryland
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO - because of my experience (or lack of)
Reason your thru hiking: I will be starting out with my daughter (she will be 12 at the time of the hike). It is just something that I really want to do. I am looking for a life experiance that is awesome and that when I come out the other side I will be changed... Maybe asking to much but I am willing to try!
Level of experience: none really - will be preparing with hikes and overnight trips. (Oh I am Girl Scout Camp certified!)

03-28-2014, 11:50
Start date: Early/Mid April

Trail name (If you have one yet): None yet.

Hometown: Bay Area, CA
NOBO or SOBO (and why): I'll be heading NOBO. I am looking forward to the community aspect of the trail, in addition to ending at Katahdin :banana

Reason you're thru hiking: I feel most at at peace while hiking/backpacking. This will be a challenge (both physical and mental), and I am looking forward to pushing myself. I've wanted to do (dreamed about) a thru for a few years now, and I have the opportunity to take it for 2015!
Level of experience: Been backpacking for a few (4 or so?) years now, and hiking/camping my whole life.

Anytime you can out of the house is time well spent, whether it is backpacking, hiking, car camping, or playing some tennis!:D:D:D

03-28-2014, 17:09
Start date: march 29, 2015

Trail name (If you have one yet): Blastoise

Hometown: Houston, TX

NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, attempted in 2013 and loved it so I'm trying it again.

Reason your thru hiking: It's on my bucket List.

Level of experience: The first 700 miles of the A.T. from springer to troutville/daleville in 2013. I also have some hiking experience in Canada, Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Texas.

03-28-2014, 17:55
START DATE: +/- 04/01/2015
TRAIL NAME: For this year with my service dog, Fleur, I choose to be me, Sawnie
HOMETOWN: Sugar Grove, Virginia, but I grew up on the Mexican border at Edinburg.Texas.
DIRECTION: Basically NOBO except for when I have kneeds to go SOBO to avoid further damaging my right knee
REASON: I love it out there. The whole time, good or bad, it is hard to get a big smile off of my face.
EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Moderate to large.

Now, Fleur and I have a lot of prep to do. She is very well behaved and, of course, always on leash. She will determine how far we go each day. Neither of us has ever been known to bite or to eat someone else's food or to pee on anyone's backpack. We hope that, once we get our trail legs, we will be able to hike 2 mph except for when we are a-climbing those PUDS.

YC 15
04-03-2014, 08:59
Trail Name: to be determined
Direction: NOBO

Hey All,
I'll be hitting the trail sometime in March. I'm from central Maine and I've enjoyed trekking through the woods since before I knew it was hiking. I'm not a professional, just an enthusiast. I've wanted to thru hike the AT since hearing the idea(what a journey). I was at Katahdin's summit last fall celebrating a friends birthday when I saw a thru hiker kissing the sign. I felt accomplished as I took in the views and I could only imagine how he felt... so why leave it to the imagination

Boots and Backpacks
04-03-2014, 09:35
Start date: 12/31/2014
Trail name: Scruffs & Woodstock
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
NOBO or SOBO: NOBO- Why? Because Baxter is closed on New Years Eve
Reason your thru hiking: Personal goal, and spreading awareness for scoliosis.
Level of experience: Experienced winter/snow hikers, already backpacked several sections of the AT

We're hiking as a personal goal and to spread awareness about scoliosis. My wife was treated for scoliosis when she was 6, and now had 2 rods fused to her spine. This thru-hike is going to be a test of her physical strength and courage. She is working with some scoliosis foundations showing people that scoliosis doesn't have to hinder your life and dreams.

We're looking forward to some cold winter hiking!

04-04-2014, 09:39
Start date: 12/31/2014
Trail name: Scruffs & Woodstock
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
NOBO or SOBO: NOBO- Why? Because Baxter is closed on New Years Eve
Reason your thru hiking: Personal goal, and spreading awareness for scoliosis.
Level of experience: Experienced winter/snow hikers, already backpacked several sections of the AT

We're hiking as a personal goal and to spread awareness about scoliosis. My wife was treated for scoliosis when she was 6, and now had 2 rods fused to her spine. This thru-hike is going to be a test of her physical strength and courage. She is working with some scoliosis foundations showing people that scoliosis doesn't have to hinder your life and dreams.

We're looking forward to some cold winter hiking! I also had scoliosis and lumbar fusions! Good luck to you and your wife, and I am so happy to know somebody with my story shares my passion :)

04-09-2014, 11:08
Start date: Either mid-March or early June, depending on the direction I end up going.
Trail name (If you have one yet): None yet
Hometown: Athens, GA (not technically "home" town but it's the one I claim)
NOBO or SOBO (and why): I want to go NOBO, mainly because I'm social and want the experience of the hiker clusters. You get that more with NOBO than with SOBO. I also don't really want to hike New England in the snow melt. However, school scheduling may force me into a June start date and in that case, I will bite the bullet and hike SOBO.
Reason your thru hiking: I'm graduating from college (grad school) in hopefully December and want to go on one last big adventure before the "real world" takes me hostage. I also want the emotional and spiritual experience of doing a long-distance hike. I've got some big weight loss/fitness goals to reach in the next couple of years and I'm hoping the 5 months that I'm on the trail will be the last step I need to take to get there. I've wanted to hike the AT since I first stepped foot on the trail at a summer camp when I was 12, so it's been a dream a long time in the making.
Level of experience: Oh man, NONE! I've done a ton of day hiking but never any serious overnight stuff. However, I have several trips planned for the coming year to gain some experience.

04-11-2014, 12:57
Start date: I'm hoping to be at the top of Springer on my birthday, March 6th
Trail name: Not yet
Hometown: Oneida, NY
NOBO or SOBO: NOBO - Katahdin sounds like an epic finish! Plus trying to avoid as much cold as possible and it seems like Maine would be much colder in March than Georgia. Also it'd be nice to have some company to tag along with here and there.
Reason your thru hiking: To accomplish something substantial! I hope to learn a lot about myself on this trek.
Level of experience: I've been camping with my family my whole life, but I've never done much more than a day hike.

04-18-2014, 20:18
Start date: Some time between March 16-20
Trail name (If you have one yet): None yet!
Hometown: Originally from Atlanta, GA, but living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the moment. (way too flat for my liking)
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO - Want to experience the AT culture, and Katahdin would be a pretty awesome way to end an epic journey north.
Reason your thru hiking: Graduated from LSU last May. Was lucky enough to land a job in Baton Rouge right out of school, but the stifling office life has already got me down (sitting behind a computer all day is not so fun). Hiking the AT has always been a dream of mine as a kid and I'm not getting any younger. So while I'm young I thought I might as well have a few adventures!
Level of experience: Was a Boy Scout growing up so I have been backpacking a few times. These days its mostly just been car camping and kayak camping.

04-18-2014, 21:02
Start date: middle of March
Trail name (If you have one yet): Still Megan for now!
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO because there are more chances to meet people
Reason your thru hiking: I want to get out of the academic world for a while and do something on my own.
Level of experience: Weekend trips around Michigan. I love dune and beach backpacking!

I can't wait to meet everyone on the trail! Also, call out to the other Mitten people!

04-18-2014, 21:04
Start date: 3/30/15
Trail name (If you have one yet): I don't have one yet
Hometown: Central Lake, Michigan
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO - Because it seemed like the best choice for NC spring wildflowers and ME fall color.
Reason you're thru hiking: This is a hard question because there are multiple reasons. It's always been on my bucket list, but I never thought I could do it physically. I lost 55lbs last year and for the first time, I thought I just might be able to hike the entire AT. I went on a three day backpacking trip and decided that I was going to stop thinking about the AT and just go for it. Then I herniated 3 discs in my lower back and now it's because something to help me pull through that. I'm looking forward to the personal challenge. On top of all of that, I'm unhappy at work and feel like I'm in a rut. I feel like I need to break free, do something I want to do, and have some time to just breathe.
Level of experience: Total newbie! I've done a lot of camping, hiking, kayak camping, but never backpacking. I can't figure out why.

04-24-2014, 16:20
Start date: March/April
Trail name (If you have one yet): None yet
Hometown: Houston, TX
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, I'm looking for more of a social experience as well.
Reason your thru hiking: I love nature and the outdoors, it's been something I've wanted to do for years now and I'm finally at a point in my life where I can take part in this adventure and live!
Level of experience: Almost none, done a few day hikes as well as a few camping trips, but that's it.

On a side note- I'm going to be hiking for charity (Cancer Research/Awareness) and will be collecting donations from friends/family for each mile hiked. I'm looking at bringing together a group of fellow Thru-Hikers who are also interested in raising money for this cause. I'll be putting together a website for those participating to post pictures/blogs/updates so our loved ones at home, and those supporting us, can not only track our progress on the trail, but the fundraising campaign's progress as well!

If this is something that you might be interested in, please don't hesitate to email me ([email protected]) with any questions/comments/concerns you might have!

Hope to see you all next year!

04-24-2014, 23:14
Start date: sometime early march. I Haven't decided yet.

Trail name (If you have one yet): I'm not sure yet but I'm thinking "blisters" will probably suit

Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania

NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO because it seems to be the way to go. and I would like to make some hiking buddies because I'm hiking solo

Reason your thru hiking: because I love the woods. And I want a break from society. I have always wanted to do the trail since I found out about it. Why not next year?

Level of experience: grew up hiking the Alleghenies but nothing serious as far as distance. Couple of weekend and week hikes.

04-25-2014, 12:11
Shoving off March 23,2015 heading North
Trail name- Hedberg
I live in FishHawk Ranch, Florida, right outside of Tampa
My reasons for hiking continue to evolve. And the reasons change depending on who Is asking. Is that normal? I mostly have a really bad case of wanderlust, a gift from my nomadic upbringing in third world countries. I have struggled to just stay home my entire life. I want to do something hard, I want to experience living in the woods, I want to learn to slow my brain and pay attention to details, I want to converse with people in an old school way, listen to stories, have stories to tell, I want to take a break from deadlines and owning a business. I want to make kids and husband proud.
See you guys on the trail!

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04-28-2014, 20:36
Start Date: Mid-Late March (Probably)
Trail Name: None Yet
Hometown: Kalamazoo
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO--Want to have a solo hike experience but meet people along the way.
Reason your thru hiking: I have thought about doing this is in past and figure I should get it done now instead of waiting until its too late
Level of experience: I done lots of backpacking throughout Michigan (mostly), completed a grueling 48-hour winter adventure race a few years back, etc...

Hello everyone... thought I would stop by these forums as I prepare to thru-hike next year. Right now I am still trying to plan things out... I have done quite a bit of hiking so it is more of the logistical things I need to work out--lucky I have quite a bit of time still.

04-29-2014, 12:31
Hey! I'm planning on starting in March 2015, I haven't got a trail name yet, I'm from North Carolina, NOBO because I graduate college in December and want to go after that, and have some experience backpacking but definitely not a guru yet! I want to hike the AT because it will be a life changing challenge and I want an adventure I can remember for a lifetime!
If anyone wants a hiking partner or someone they can check in with while on the trail, please let me know!!!

04-29-2014, 12:56
Trail name: Cruise Control
Date: April (NOBO)

04-29-2014, 12:58
Hi everyone, I plan on thru hiking next year starting on the last week of February.
I will e going northbound starting at the approach trail and decided to let the trail give me my name. I'm doing this because I love hiking and nature, can't wait to watch the seasons unfold.
I also need to do something monumental for once in my life!! See you soon and good luck to us all!

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05-02-2014, 08:42
Start Date: Early March

Trail Name: Lefty

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY / NYC

NOBO/SOBO: NOBO - I want to do the world's classic long-distance hike the classic way.

Reason: I've been living and working in NYC continuously for nearly twelve years and need to disconnect for a little bit.

Experience: Started backpacking in 1998 with the Penn State Outing Club (PSOC). I get out to the Adirondacks (20/46), Whites (18/48 NH), and Catskills whenever I can. I probably have at least a few hundred miles of hiking various stretches of the AT from VA up to NH. Time to connect the dots!

05-08-2014, 16:59
Start date: Later February/Early March
Trail name (If you have one yet):
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, the season fits better
Reason your thru hiking: Want to accomplish this while I have the oppurtunity
Level of experience: Plenty of hiking and backpacking

05-08-2014, 22:35
Start date: Last day of work will be April 10th, then driving down and starting shortly after!
Trail name (If you have one yet): None yet
Hometown: Somerville, MA, just outside of Boston
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO - simplicity of walking home, and meet more people
Reason your thru hiking: It's been on the bucket list for a couple years. I'm looking to switch careers and see pivot point as being a good time to fit this in.
Level of experience: Nil

05-19-2014, 11:03
Start date: January 1st, 2015
Trail name: Quasi
Hometown: Charleston, SC, but just moved to Asheville, NC in March.
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO. Because I like the north better, so why would I walk two thousand miles south?
Reason you're thru hiking: To collect an accomplishment.
Level of experience: Light hiking and camping. Living in Charleston meant all of my hiking was on flat trails, but since I moved I hope I'll have far more experience by the time I get to the new year.

And yes, I do plan on plenty of winter hiking/camping before January. I know it'll be more difficult, but I have a bit of an aversion to the heat and most of my work starts in June. I don't really do much between January and June, so it works out great time-wise. Plus, less crowds.

2015 Lady Thru-Hiker
05-19-2014, 22:38
Love Charleston but Asheville is very nice too. Drum Circle downtown on Friday nights in the summer is magical. Braver than me Quasi. I think there is a couple starting out early as well. God speed and I'll be looking for entries in the registries.

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05-22-2014, 21:32
Hey Guys and Gals,

I'm starting around April 1, and don't have a trail name as of yet. I do live about 45 min from the GSMNP, and have started doing a lot of hiking there in prep for my 2015 thru hike (I have logged about 200 miles since late February). I do have a 52 mile 2 night trek coming up this weekend, and would love to get together with anyone in the area planning a 2015 thru hike. My training regimen will be hiking new trails in the Smokies, and I will be working on my "Map" - the 900 miler recognition, and testing gear over the next 9 months. Most of the trails I need are on the south side of the park at this time. Anyone in the TN/NC/VA/N GA area interested in doing some Smokies hiking, please drop me a line.

05-27-2014, 11:19
Love Charleston but Asheville is very nice too. Drum Circle downtown on Friday nights in the summer is magical. Braver than me Quasi. I think there is a couple starting out early as well. God speed and I'll be looking for entries in the registries.

Part bravery, part scheduling conflicts. Honestly, I might end up starting in February if I can make the timing work, but I'd have to be able to beat the average time spent on the trail. Either way, I'll definitely document the whole process.

05-27-2014, 12:20
Start Date: late June
Trail Name: unsure but I'll probably use SteelCut unless something else is bestowed upon me
Hometown: I divide my time between Asheville, NC and St Petersburg, FL
NOBO or SOBO (and why): SOBO. Several reasons for SOBO: I would prefer a solo experience with fewer people and since I live in the southern US, I like the thought of walking towards home.
Level of experience: Experienced climber/mountaineer but no extended backpacking experience on trips longer than two-three weeks.

I was planning on doing a SOBO starting this June/July of this year but a number of personal/family issues caused me to delay the trip a year to 2015.

David Green
06-04-2014, 07:18
Start date: Aiming for 10 March because...well, just because
Trail name (If you have one yet): I'll have to wait and see what folks decide
Hometown: Born in KCMO...military brat who lived all over the midwest that went on to do 20 myself...currently living in Daegu, South Korea but gonna settle in Austin, TX so we'll just say Austin.
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO...classic.
Reason your thru hiking: Retiring from the Army after 20 years and have about 6 months to kill before I start Grad school...
Level of experience: Pretty much just Army training...but how hard can it be, right? ;-)

06-16-2014, 21:38
First week of April 2015 (leave of Absence from employment effective last week of March)
Trailname:Would like one of my choosing: T-Square, but I know the trail will brand me as it see's me

Home: Springfield, VA

And I will be North Bound. and yes, will do the approach trail. heck, I expect to get lost a few times (being male and all)

Reason: I don't really think anyone that has begun to undertake this without having already done it, can really answer that. For me, something that has gnawed at me for 38 years.
I'm out of reasons NOT to do it.

My level of experience faded a few decades ago, but I don't give up. I reached a point I "my" life, where I can now go for it.

07-13-2014, 17:49
Start Date Late Feb/early March
Trail Name: Curly
Hometown: Kennesaw, GA
NOBO of course

Looking for someone to hike with. Hey Conductor If you are looking for a pardner let me know. I am looking for someone in the Kennesaw area to do some prep hikes (3, 7, 14 day) prior to the thru hike NOBO AT

07-14-2014, 10:06
Start Date: 1 April 2015.
Trail Name: Swamp Ranger.
Hometown: Crestview, Florida.
NOBO: I have Peeps in Virginia, Mass, New Hampshire.
Level of experience: Airborne, Ranger, Infantryman.
E-mail: [email protected]

Southern Oz
07-16-2014, 22:33
Start date: Mid June
Trail name (If you have one yet): Nothing yet, I'm sure someone will come up with something awesome tho
Hometown: Adelaide, Australia
NOBO or SOBO (and why): SOBO, south is down, and going down is easier? No? Oh well...SOBO anyway. Also gives me a chance to save a little more money and work out if I can in fact stay in the states that long without getting black marked.
Reason your thru hiking: Because I havent been overseas in about 2 years and I'm looking for a challenge/nice American girl to marry
Level of experience: Done many a 5-7 day hike/kayak trip...nothing long distance tho. Should be super.

07-17-2014, 14:35
Start date: Between April 1st and April 15th.

Trail name (If you have one yet): None yet.

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO. Originally I wanted to do SOBO for nonconformist reasons, but I think this is an iconic trail and the closest thing there is to a true American pilgrimage, so I want to do it the traditional way. Plus, finishing at Katahdin is much more appealing than Springer.

Reason your thru hiking: Many. I've always wanted to do a long distance hike, and I think, for me, this is the best way to start. I am finally at a place in my life where it is feasible financially and I have the support at home, so I'm just sulking through the woods with nothing to come home to. Other reasons include spiritual, professional, and athletic goals.

Level of experience: Journeyman. I have extensive hiking and backpacking experience, but only in the range of 1-3 days. I hiked and bushwhacked all throughout the Whites in college when I worked for the environmental lab. I have climbed five 14,000 ft peaks and several 13ers, gotten lost, caught in high-altitude thunderstorms, deal with altitude sickness, exhaustion, and even Lyme!! Hoping to repeat none of those, lol.

As an aside, I would love to at least start the trail with someone of similar skill level. I plan on doing it in roughly 4 months. I have no big mileage goals, just going to listen to my body and not spend too much time slacking!

07-17-2014, 15:57
I will be starting Mar 26
My trail name is Ice-fire
I live in Canaan NH
I will be NOBO
I just retired
Hiking in the Whites
also started a 2014 thru hike, did 100 mile

07-18-2014, 14:21
Seems like retired firefighters like to hike! Me, too! Maybe you'll catch up and we'll drink a beer together in Harper's Ferry. If you don't mind, why did your 2014 hike end so soon?

07-18-2014, 17:30
I will be starting the AT from Springer on 20,Feb. 2015
I am from the North Texas area.
I have been hiking/camping/hunting for more than 30 years.
I have done parts of the AT, PCT, CDT, and other trails.
This will be my first real long distance hike(more than 12 days).
It would be nice to have someone to start with.
I have a few shake down hikes to do in Nov. and Dec. as my start date will put me in winter weather.

07-20-2014, 11:41
^ Why such an early start?

07-30-2014, 09:55
Start date: mid-March, haven't figured out exact date yet
Trail name (If you have one yet): none yet
Hometown: Manchester, CT
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO - don't want to work at my job any longer than I have to :) Plus, being from CT it would be nice to have some friends join me towards the end. And, starting in the 100 mile wilderness doesn't sound like the best idea for my level of experience
Reason your thru hiking: Something I read a year or two ago that made a lot of sense to me was someone saying their life got a lot better when they spending their money on things and instead spent it on experiences. So now at 30 I'm at a place financially where I could do boring things like redo the kitchen or buy another car, or have a life experience. That, combined with not really liking my job (and being able to see where it will take me if I continue) and needing to reevaluate my career path, as well as a general love for the outdoors and challenges, made the AT sound like a good idea. I'm actually hoping that, upon completion, I can switch careers to something in the outdoors industry. Right now being outside is a hobby and, working in IT in insurance, I can see my resume easily being passed over by recruiters in the industry I want to be in. So when I add all of this up, plus the fact that I'm kind of crazy and just do crazy things because they're there, it sounded like a good idea to me :)
Level of experience: Lots of day hiking (including skiing Tuckerman's Ravine a few times), car camping, trail running, etc..., but never really backpacking. Working on that this year but I'm training for a marathon in October and hoping to qualify for Boston so that takes up a lot of my time.

07-30-2014, 20:10
Start date: April 7th or 10th
Trail name (If you have one yet): None yet.
Hometown: Macon, GA
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO. The only way I can imagine finishing is climbing up Katahdin.
Reason your thru hiking: Been dreaming of it since I was 13 and I finally have the ability (time and money)
Level of experience: Advanced weekend warrior, longest trip was 10 days back in 2006.

08-03-2014, 08:03
Start date: Between March 15th and April 1st, I cannot seem to make a decision on this
Trail name (If you have one yet): No trail name. I might just go by Cas.
Hometown: Rockland, Maine
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO. I like the idea of flying to GA and walking home. I also want the grand finish at Katahdin.
Reason your thru hiking: I have been dreaming of doing a thru for about 10 years and never thought I'd really get the chance. I am at a transitional point in my life rigth now, and decided that if I'm going to do it, I need to do it now. I am ending one career and looking for another, also my spouse and I are ready to start a family. I have a genetic lung disease that is progressive, and if I don't give my dream of hiking the AT a shot now, I am not going to be able to in a couple of years. Carpe diem.
Level of experience: I have done a lot of day hikes in Maine and New Hampshire. I have never done an overnight, but I am planning several this fall. Luckily I live in an area where I can do a lot of day training, and have many trails I haven't even tried out yet.

Angie J Romans
08-03-2014, 19:06
heya, I'm Ang.
Start date:I don't know yet!!!
Trail name (If you have one yet): Tops (could change but I like it )
Hometown: Easton, pa
NOBO or SOBO (and why): nobo just cause
Reason your thru hiking: many many reasons...and I dont wanna work (a stupid lousy parttime job that is) for six months so that will be nice
Level of experience:

08-04-2014, 10:14
Hey everyone! Excited to start this journey next year, it will be here before we know it!
I am starting around March 16th.
My trail name from my cross Michigan bicycle trip was CarbonFootPrint due to having a carbon fiber prosthetic leg.
I live in Rose City Michigan, it's not AT beautiful but it is nice here!
NOBO, just cuz its classic.
I am hiking this because it has been a goal of mine for many years, and as a life long amputee I am a mentor to many other amputee's and if I can nail this thing I know that they will feel that they can still accomplish their goals even after losing a limb.
I have been hiking for only 2 years but I have been a "BikePacker" and long distance cyclist for 20.
My "plan" is around 15 miles a day. I love getting to know people and look forward to meeting you all on the trail. My hiking "speed" in Michigan is about 2MPH so I won't be leaving much dust behind me!!

08-04-2014, 20:42
Start date: Mid-March sometime
Trail name (If you have one yet): Don't have one yet
Hometown: Newburgh, NY
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO. First time doing this kind of distance. Planning on visiting family in FL before heading out.
Reason your thru hiking: I love to hike and be outdoors. I love a good challenge and to do things people say I can't.
Level of experience: I have a lot of hiking, camping, and orienteering experience. I have a little hiking group that goes out 3 times a week, started camping as a kid and orienteering as a teen.

08-10-2014, 17:19
Start date: January (Would start sooner if it was safe) Trail name (If you have one yet): I do not have one yet, but my nickname and middle name is GUNNER.
Hometown: Currently live in Orlando, Florida, but I am from Indianapolis, Indiana.
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO --- Because Georgia is closer to me.
Reason your thru hiking: I have wanted to hike the trail for the last two years. But the truth is that my five year marriage is falling apart and we are getting a divorce. Without the responsibilities that marriage brings, I finally have the chance to get away and live a dream. I may end up hiking all three trails (I won't announce that insanity yet though OR look past the AT). I also think it will be great for my health (I am overweight). Sometimes we all need to start over, and I can think of no better reboot than walking 2,200 miles... ;)
Level of experience: Absolutely NONE. (Braces for criticism)

08-11-2014, 12:48
I thought I did this a long time ago. Apparently not.

Start date: April 17
Trail name: We Shall See or something else
Direction: Called a Wrap-around. Starting at Harper's Ferry heading south, then transfer to Katahdin and continuing south back to HF. Recommended by ATC, want to start at the least difficult section to build up strength and stamina.

08-12-2014, 13:54
I will start a modified flip-flop around April 15 starting at Damascus heading north. I don't want to hike in the snow and hiking south in the autumn should be great! It would be great to hike with someone, but if not solo it will be. Trail name... none yet, but being a Beatles fan perhaps Sgt. Pepper.

08-12-2014, 16:25
did this on another thread but this one seems to be more popular..

Start Date: Late May/Early June
Trailname: TBD (always been called showtime or ashtray)
Direction: NOBO
Reason: I've been wanting to do this for a few years now... I get out of the Marine Corps in late May or early June, depending on how much leave i take this year, and will begin right after that. I love being in the middle of nature, mostly by myself, and am looking forward to some decompression time after the corps.

p.s. i would enjoy hiking with my old friend mary :) if i run into anyone on here, you're welcome to as well

08-14-2014, 01:26
Start date: 3/1/15
Trail name: Lone Ranger
Hometown: Taylor MI
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO I wan to start as soon as I can next year so NBO is the way to go.
Reason your thru hiking: I got out of the Army in 2011an since I haven't felt whole. I'm hoping to find myself again.
Level of experience: I di some day hiking of course while I was in the army

08-14-2014, 20:38
Hey, LoneRanger. You'll catch up to me at some point, I'm sure.

I think 2015 is going to be remarkable. This will be a year "...remembered by the AT community for decades to come." So says my (self-proclaimed) psychic wife. :)

08-15-2014, 00:07
Danger, I cant wait. I know its still 194 days till the hike but I know its worth the wait

08-16-2014, 16:14
Start Date: Approx. May 23rd

Trail name: On the Loose

Hometown: Baltimore, MD


Reason your thru hiking: Its been a goal of mine for a while and I've been wanting to expand my list of great adventures :)

Level of experience: Many years at Girl Scout Camp, a ton of day trips, and a handful of over night/ long weekend trips. I'm also first aid certified.

"On the loose to climb a mountain,On the loose where I am free.
On the loose to live my life,
The way I think my life should be.
For I've only got a moment,
And a whole world yet to see,
And I'll be searching for tomorrow, on the loose.
There's a trail that I'll be hiking
Just to see where it might go.
Many places yet to visit,
Many people yet to know.
And in following my dreams,
I will live and I will grow,
On a trail that's out there waiting, on the loose."

08-17-2014, 11:02
Start Date: Early March (5-6 I believe)
Trail Name-working on it :)
Hometown: Belleville, IL
NOBO-I really wanted the conclusion of my hike to be on Katahdin. Plus, I am hoping to meet new people and this seems to have more people. Plus, I'm a traditionalist by nature :)
Reason for thru hiking: I had medical issues two years ago and coming out of that I set a goal to hike the AT in two years. I also want to become more simplistic in my life, grateful for the small things an explore America in a truly different way.
Experience:not an expert but coming in blind either :)

08-24-2014, 14:10
Start Date: April 06, 2015
Trail Name: Flip / Flop
Home Town: Louisville, Kentucky
NOBO / SOBO: Both I am Flip Flopping
Reasons for Hiking: Fell in love with the AT in 1973 while in Boy Scouts, after family and career I have time now to hike.
Level of Experience: I have several mileage on the AT, many nights of backcountry camping.

08-24-2014, 21:56
Start Date: February 27th

Trail Name: Griswold

Hometown: Currently Fort Benning, GA (but grew up outside of Lake Tahoe, CA

NOBO or SOBO: I'm headed North! Primarily because Springer is only a few hours drive for me

Reason for thru hiking: I started backpacking sections of the PCT with my family when I was 10, and always wanted to thru hike there, but due to my current vicinity to the AT, it just made sense.

Level of experience: I have 20+ years of backpacking/hiking experience. I have done several shake down trips on the AT over the past year (the most recent one during the beginning of March to get a better idea of trail conditions during that time of year. I am excited for this adventure!

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08-25-2014, 14:38
Start date: October 9, 2014
Trail name (If you have one yet): Oma and Opa (my grandbabies call us that, and I tend to mother everybody, lol)
Hometown:All over--retired Marines, currently, Shreveport, LA
NOBO or SOBO (and why):1st section, SOBO in 2014, NOBO in 2015, in various sections, mostly to escape as much heat as possible
Reason your thru hiking:I (Oma) have wanted to do this since I was 12 and read the book about the guy who did it, with the bear on the cover. Now, I've officially retired and it's time to have some fun, and travel, instead of taking care of everybody.
Level of experience: None, actually, on the AT, but I am a retired Marine, so I've carried a pack or two. Same story with Opa. I have higher endurance than he does, but he probably moves faster than me. I have had issues with vertigo, which occasionally slows me down.

Joe Rogowski
08-26-2014, 22:39
Start date: march 25 to april 1

Trail name (If you have one yet): none yet

Hometown:tampa florida

NOBO or SOBO (and why):nobo because i have family up north that im going to see after im done also not a lot of experience yet so nobo is easier as i have heard

Reason your thru hiking:didnt know what to do with my life yet have ideas but the trail will help me think also i have recently thought of doing the triple crown(pct cdt and the at)

Level of experience: not many overnight but i day hike every week

08-26-2014, 23:24
Hi all!!
My name is Matthew..don't have a trail name yet.
I'm from Knoxville, TN
I plan on leaving early March
My reason for hiking is just out of shear enjoyment. I hike everyday for work and I'm just looking to escape the fast-paced, 9-5 lifestyle everyone seems to be enveloped in and just wanting to live life the way it was meant to be! Been dreaming about it since I was a kid so I figured now's a perfect time!
I have a lot of experience with backpacking but only for a week or less..never been more than a week. I hike everyday for work at least 15 miles so I'm not too concerned.

08-27-2014, 09:35
Jim and the trail name is Moose
Brisbane Australia
13th Mar
Fits in with my work commitments.
If you add the Infantry days - although they can't be considered hiking, to much, WHY am I doing this? I love the bush and getting away from it all. People or solitude doesn't worry me. Looking forward to hiking in a different environment.

08-27-2014, 09:57
Hey all!

Start date: Mid-March
Trail name (If you have one yet): Whimsy
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
NOBO or SOBO (and why): Hiking NOBO because I section hiked from Devil's Fork to Springer Mt. this summer and I would like to start the hike in a place where I'm familiar. I also have a lot of friends and family in the north east and hiking towards them will push me.
Reason your thru hiking: I am called to the outdoors and I feel a pull to challenge myself physically and mentally.
Level of experience: 300 mile section hike on the AT and lots of shorter section hikes.

08-27-2014, 20:49
Start date: I hope to start early/mid March
Trail name (If you have one yet): still coming to me
Hometown: Portland Maine
NOBO or SOBO (and why): North bound seems the way to go, plus hitting New England in the fall seems most appropriate
Reason your thru hiking: Recently divorced, young, and not ready to give myself to conventional society. Looking forward to meeting people on the trail.
Level of experience: Never more than an 8 mile hike, will be training all winter though.

08-29-2014, 17:33
Is anyone else getting antsy? I'm already tired on waiting. I've read too much, researched too much, planned too much. I wish I had all my gear so I could do some shakedown hiking/camping. Anyone got a couple grand I can borrow until January? :)

We firefighters aren't rich, ya know. I need a wealthy mentor. A sponsor. A find raiser. A federal grant! A buried treasure!

No...I need more COFFEE!!! :eek:

08-29-2014, 20:24
Start date: June
Trail name: Tianto
Hometown: Reside in 3 different states depending on the time of year
NOBO or SOBO (and why):SOBO (Already completed NOBO)
Reason your thru hiking: Completed all 3 divides (triple crown) NOBO now attempting SOBO's
Level of experience:Sufficient to understand my weaknesses and strengths

08-29-2014, 22:49
Nice to meet you guys.

Start date: March 15, roundabout
Trail name (If you have one yet): Pending
Hometown: Just north of Atlanta
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO. I live in Georgia; all the cool kids are doing it. Plus, I have not really been out of the South and seeing New England is a good motivation.
Reason your thru hiking: At least several dozen reasons. Some are personal. Here's just one: I used to be a fat kid and fell in love with the idea in 2009, rediscovered a love for nature I had forgotten was there. Dropped like 100 lbs. and did a 180, becoming an enthusiast of physical things. Finally have the ability, the money, the motivation - now all I need is the courage. Also in the midst of a quarter-life crisis.
Level of experience: Day hikes only, never been camping. I am working on that. As soon as I quit my job I will be able to take some. Right now I work 12-hour night shifts, I can scarcely schedule doctor appointments, let alone an overnight camping trip. Have yet to do an 8-miler but am able to do 6's fairly easily.

2015 Sloth
08-29-2014, 23:03
Start date: Hopefully early May
Trail name (If you have one yet): Sloth and I am hiking with my mom, Just Mom for her 50th birthday
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona (currently live in South America)
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO because I live closer to the start (in TN when not in Chile) of the trail and I lived in Maine for 4 years before moving to Tennessee. I want to finish my hike in my favorite state in the USA.
Reason your thru hiking: I am hiking for a number of reasons...I outlined most of them in my last post but mainly to learn more about myself and challenge my mind in body in new ways.
Level of experience: I love hiking and backpacking but I am not sure what I would consider my level for the AT. I leave tomorrow for a 4 day backpacking trip in Peru (16 miles a day) so hopefully as I continue to prepare I will be ready for the AT.

08-31-2014, 09:04
Hey all!

i plan to start mid-March. I do not have a trail name yet, but from working at camps, my nature name is Kestrel. I'm originally from Southern Maryland. I'm hiking NOBO, because it works better with my schedule. I'm thru hiking because it's something I've thought about for years and never have had the chance to do, and I am able to do now, so why not? I've never met a thru hiker that has told me they regret doing the trail. I do not have much experience at all, but am seeking advice and knowledge from other hikers and co workers that have more experience backpacking. As of now, I'll be going solo which my family is not happy about, but I am not opposed to having a hiking partner. I joined this site to get support and encouragement from fellow hikers because I am not receiving much enthusiasm or support from my family. I look forward to meeting you all next spring!

08-31-2014, 09:09
I hike everyday for work at least 15 miles so I'm not too concerned.

Hey! Just wondering where you work because I lived near Knoxville this past spring and worked at Camp Wesley Woods as an outdoor educator. I got to explore some of the Smokies on day hikes and really enjoyed the area!

Glenn Buschbaum
08-31-2014, 20:00
start date - mid/late march
trail name -
hometown - antwerpen,belgium
reason - the challenge,see a bit of America and to experience the american trails who are completely different then the european ones.
experience - i have hiked 4 times the camino de santiago in Spain, 1 time the via de la plata in Spain and 1 time the Israel national trail.
but still think i can learn a lot more about hiking .

09-02-2014, 20:12
What's up people

Start date: somewhere in between march 15th and April 4th, I'm still ironing out the details
Trail name (If you have one yet): none, but you Americans will probably end up calling "Canada eh"
Hometown:Montreal, quebec
NOBO or SOBO (and why):NOBO because I'm a newb and it seems the only logical choice if I wish to succeed
Reason your thru hiking: To say I did it, to live an experience so few ever will and to see how determined I am
Level of experience: none apart from a few day hikes a couple times a year

09-07-2014, 16:31
I work as a land surveyor in West Knoxville haha I've never even heard of that camp! But yeah I hike the smokies at least once a week..sometimes twice. It's an awesome area!

09-08-2014, 21:25
Start Date: March 15 2015, Trail name: None as of yet, Hometown: Saint Clair, Pa, Nobo, Reason: Tore acl on april 16th 2012, underwent 6 surgeries a staff infection and a bone infection. Almost lost my leg from bone infection, at that point I told the dr's even with a carbon leg I was doing the thru hike. I luckily kept my leg and have zero problems or pain.

09-09-2014, 20:50
Hello all,

Start date: first week of March, 2015
arriving to Atlanta via Amtrak from D.C. figure it out from there, still looking at options to get myself from train station to approach trail.
The trail name I like is homage to my past 38 years that have kept me FROM the trail.... T-Square, but I'm sure I will pick up another..who knows
I'm from Springfield,VA. And I'm 110% ready to go...the other 110% well, earn that along the way. Hope to meet up with everyone as chance permits...


2015 Lady Thru-Hiker
09-09-2014, 21:28
Start Date: March 15 2015, Trail name: None as of yet, Hometown: Saint Clair, Pa, Nobo, Reason: Tore acl on april 16th 2012, underwent 6 surgeries a staff infection and a bone infection. Almost lost my leg from bone infection, at that point I told the dr's even with a carbon leg I was doing the thru hike. I luckily kept my leg and have zero problems or pain.

Wow krawler so sorry for what you have gone through and so glad you have recovered - even if slowly. Hope to meet you out on the trail.

09-09-2014, 22:38
It seems there will be a great mix of sexes, ages, nationalities as well as plenty from different states in the US to make for some entertaining times on the trail.

09-09-2014, 22:40
Yes I have gone thru a lot lately, doing great now. I have been putting down 18-22 mile trips in Pennsylvania while carrying almost everything I will on a thru hike. I still am without a acl, believe it or not u can live without one. I didn't want to chance another infection so I made the decision to live my life without a acl. It hasn't bothered me yet, with the pointless ups and downs, side hills or even hiking in rocksylvania.
Wow krawler so sorry for what you have gone through and so glad you have recovered - even if slowly. Hope to meet you out on the trail.

09-19-2014, 15:37
*Hope to start around March 23
*Trail name Rewind (due to a rather unfortunate directional malfunction on our first shake down!) but wouldn't mind one bestowed during the actual hike. My partner is still waiting for his...Fast Forward didn't stick, although I liked it since he goes at warp speed most days. Although Taz might be good as there's a distinct resemblance to the Tasmanian Devil when he whirls through!
*Wilmington, DE for the past 28 years but I'm a Tarheel born and a Tarheel bred....(who knows the rest?). "Taz" is originally from Indiana.
*NOBO - I want the experience of a traditional hike in the "bubble"
*Reason - Well that's a many-layered answer. Largely because I can't seem NOT to. In the midst of a foot surgery that didn't heal and a 26 year marriage that dissolved, somehow my mind latched onto the zen of this hike that would transform my life into butterflies and cupcakes. No not really, but once the idea planted in my head it simply took over and I seem to have no choice. I need to escape for awhile and transition into my new life and I think this is an excellent way to do it. I'm looking forward to being part of the Trail Community where people are nice to strangers and go out of their way to help each other and the only thing I have to think about each day is how to stay alive, and you know... to occasionally find pizza, beer and ice cream while not having to worry about the calories!

09-22-2014, 17:19
Hi All! My wife and I will be starting SOBO in June (the exact date TBD based on snow melt). I'm originally from Georgia and my wife is from Massachusetts. We met in San Diego, where I'm now stationed (I've been in the Marines for a little over 6 years now).

We're headed southbound mainly due to constraints about when we can leave (based on when my EAS is up and when she is done with her school year) - we know we're in the minority here, but we're kind of looking forward to all the extra toughness! We're doing the thru-hike to enjoy each other's company and grow closer together (we're newlyweds), improve our mental and physical fitness, and see all the beauty that the eastern US has to offer! It's also a perfect time for us to take a break from the hustle of every day life and do something incredible before I transition into the civilian world. We've done a few hiking/backpacking adventures together (a few mountains, Yosemite wilderness), but have yet to do anything longer than 4 days - we're planning on the Tonto trail at the Grand Canyon so we have some longer distance experience under our belts.

We also have decided to start a blog and will be updating it throughout our planning process and the hike itself. Please check it out and leave any comments you might have: http://dandjappalachiantrail.blogspot.com

09-22-2014, 20:37
Start date: Feb 15-20th (ish)
Trail name (If you have one yet): Right now I'm leaning toward "Mr. Underhill"
Hometown: Lawrence, KS
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, because?
Reason your thru hiking: This is a lifelong dream. I no longer have any restraints, so let's do this! I have had a **** year. My anxiety and stress have skyrocketed at times. Since finding out my husband and I can't have kids, I have had this itch, this craving. I have always put this off because of grad school or "having kids" or work. I'm running a 50 miler in December, then packing my bags and heading out to conquer something unique.
Level of experience: 15 year runner, multiple marathons and ultras. Limited camping.

09-26-2014, 22:13
Hi start late march to april 1, if wArm... From jensen beach florida- northbound- trail name - blimey limey, wanted to thru hike since first hearing about it-planned a thru hike about twenty years ago after being downsized, but got a new job....just received a buyout from current company and thought , its time to thru hike the trail. I have zero experience but looking forward to the experience.

09-27-2014, 21:13
Hi - my start date is April 4th NOBO until around Harper's Ferry and then flip-flop from Mt.Kathadin to where I left off. Although I am training now, I expect I will be slow, I'm older and REALLY short, and will be hiking much of thr trail with my standard poodle (he may actually be neutral as far as speed goes, and he is training with me). I am concerned that if I went purely NOBO I would have to rush in New Hampshire and Maine and increase my risk of injury. I am not doing the approach trail as I am driving to Georgia with friends who will do the fisrt couple of miles with me -- definitely not eight. I am doing this now, in part because I always wanted to, and in part because I am semi-retired and finally can. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time. This will be an awesome experience. I am studying mndfulness as part of my CEU training for work, and what a wonderful place to be mindful and aware.

10-11-2014, 04:50
I know this felling a little to well right now

10-14-2014, 09:00
Well finished my marathon on Saturday. Time to start focusing more on hiking :)

Blue Collar
10-14-2014, 09:21
Hello from Blue Collar,
Starting March 15. See you there at Springer mountain.
why? Not really sure but let's figure it out. We have 5 or 6 months to do so.

10-26-2014, 01:07
Hi, My wife and I are thru hiking in 2015.
Trail Names: Buck 'N' Fuzz
April 1 start
undecided on approach trail

We will both finally be retired and we have been planning, preparing and anticipating this hike for a long time!

10-26-2014, 20:38
Spent the weekend on the trail and figured I'd share with everyone what CT has waiting for you

10-27-2014, 09:37
Start date: don't have a specific date yet, end of March or beginning of April.
Trail Name :none
Nobo:because I feel the hiker bubble is a very important part of the trail experience.
i am hiking the trail because I love to backpack and travel.I am not get any younger,I love a challenge and the Appalachian trail has a great community that I want to be apart of.

11-02-2014, 21:06
Start date: April 1st
Trail name: None
Hometown: West Hartford, CT
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, more social & I've section hiked a bit of the north before
Reason your thru hiking: Wanted to do it since I was 15, have a "gap" in life to do it now :)
Level of experience: Gone on a few two week-long hikes

11-07-2014, 02:30
I'm looking forward to meeting people and making new friendships.

My trail name is Face - it's what my brother has called me for 40-years. It's short and unambiguous. Besides, I decided to pick my own name rather than have some wise guy pick an awful name that somehow sticks.

I'm from San Jose, CA, but am living in Northern Illinois for the time being.

I'll be NOBO - for a lot of reasons. Mostly, It seems backward to START a hike by climbing a really tough mountain (Kadahdin). Let's work up to the tough climbs.

I've logged thousands of trail miles, including three John Muir Trail thru-hikes.

Why am I doing the AT? Well, I can still hike, for one good reason. Also, life is short and we need to do big and different and difficult and fun things and not just sit around watching TV and watching life go by.

12-27-2014, 02:15
Start date: Mid-March, not sure yet on an exact date.
Trail name (If you have one yet): Binjali
Hometown: Georgetown,TX (lots of places actually, but home is where family is :) )
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO; It's more social and skips most of the North Woods blackflies
Reason your thru hiking: I'm taking a gap year from work to re-try my 2007 attempt.
Level of experience: I've been camping/hiking since a family overnighter into the Grand Canyon when I was eight. Boy Scouts (Rim to Rim to Rim Grand Canyon trek and 3 Philmont treks), Glacier NP, Isle Royale NP, and Springer Mt to Harpers Ferry.

12-27-2014, 05:24
Welcome Binjali.....lots of scouts and former Philmont hikers thru-ing every year!!!

12-27-2014, 10:59
Hi Conductor, remember me? Irish - planning to hike again starting Mar. 20, same day as in 2006. Hope to see you out there. Cash (and his girlfriend) from '06 will be on the Trail, too. Best, Irish/Noel

12-28-2014, 18:16
Start date:4/4.
Flip from mid VA NOBO to ME. Then flop SOBO to GA.
Trail Name: Treehugger. I am under pressure to change this somewhat controversial name by some folks. So who knows what I will be called by the end.
Why? It is time. That is all.
Experience: Lots. Made a living in the woods for 20 years as a wetland/wildlife biologist. I also have been drawn to the woods as far back as I can remember. Been backpacking/camping my whole life. That's not to say I am an expert, just familiar.
Nice to meet you all. Look forward to seeing some of you out there. Happy new year and safe trails!

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12-28-2014, 19:15
There's nothing wrong with being a treehugger.

12-28-2014, 19:25
There's nothing wrong with being a treehugger.

Why thank you. I agree, but you should see the reactions I get. Weird. How can loving trees and nature and wanting to protect them be a bad thing? Oh well, let them think what they like. I will go on as a lover of trees no matter.

12-28-2014, 20:54
New to the site, and new to the AT....
Starting thru hike between march 15 and april 1st. NOBO
trail name received is LostBoy due to the nature of my reason for taking the challenge... to find myself
Greensboro north carolina is where i call home today
I love the outdoors, looking for a challenge, spiritual journey
My level of experience is beginner, but I've been into fitness for a long time so physically I'm fit.
I hope to meet more people on this site and on the trail. God Bless

Many Moons
12-28-2014, 22:38
See u in mid April at the Roans headed north!

12-29-2014, 15:38
Well hello there ladies and gents!
Start date 2nd week of February... ish
Trail name (If you have one yet) Nope
Hometown: Spartansburg, PA (Yep I'm a Spartan ;)
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO because WE have to start early. I will be hiking with my lady friend who is going to med school and has a limited scheduled. So we will be starting early and walking fast!!
Reason your thru hiking: It has been a life long goal/dream which only became possible when I met Sharon (the lady friend) without her it would have just stayed a dream.
Level of experience: I grew up on a dairy farm and as a boy I lived in the woods. Although I never hiked or camped for more that a few days I'm very comfortable in nature. Sense meeting Sharon however we have went on a number of week-longs and have ticked 13 of the 46 high peeks in the Adirondacks.
If anyone is interested we have put together a fun video of our last trip 115 miles on the North Country Trail https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DrJAGAUd1VU . That video series will also follow us on our thru-hike

ENJOY the adventure
and remember keep it between the blazes

12-30-2014, 13:47
Start date: First few days of April
Trail name (If you have one yet): Don't have one yet
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO because I want to be able to experience the thru-hiker community, also logistically starting in Georgia makes sense for my situation.
Reason your thru hiking: I have the time, and I don't really feel comfortable in the hustle and bustle of the front country.
Level of experience: NOLS graduate and have led back-country trips in Colorado the past two summers. But have never spent 4-6 months in the woods, should be an epic adventure. :)

12-30-2014, 18:32
Not new, but I'm going to update my registration...

Start Date: May 1st-ish
Trail Name: Danger
Home Town: Chillicothe, Ohio
NOBO or SOBO: BOTH! Doing a Flip Flop from Harpers Ferry, WV to Katahdin...then Harpers Ferry, WV to Springer Mountain, GA. It's the New Thru!
Reason For Thru-Hiking: Because I am already committed! :)
Level of Experience: Growing every day!

01-03-2015, 16:16
Hey y'all! Extremely excited to start the hike, hope to run into some of you out on the trail!

Start date: Mid March-ish. I haven't picked out the specific date yet. Either way, me and my partner will be hitch hiking from Illinois to Georgia, so the exact date will be depended on our rides.
Trail name (If you have one yet):Button
Hometown:Pensacola Florida- Living in Glen Ellyn, Illinois right now
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, because I haven't given SOBO much thought.
Reason your thru hiking: I am addicted to adventures, this is just the next one. After bumming it around the states for a few years I had gotten a job I liked working at a non-profit no-kill animal shelter. This is my passion, and I will one day be the director of a non-profit, no-kill, but this is in the far future. I have alot to work on before I do, so now is my time for an extended adventure. I was sitting there one day thinking about how I'd love to hike the trail. I was initially planning on taking about a year off to hitch-hike around the country with my partner. Then I though, why the hell not do the thru-hike? So here I am, many months later eagerly awaiting March.
Level of experience: I have done my fair share of extended camp outs and hiking and backpacking. I've lived in a tent for six months. I consider myself pretty active.

01-05-2015, 23:21
Starting first week of March
No trail name yet, it will find its way to me
Center Conway, NH!!
NOBO. I wanna hike home!
Why not thru hike? I have grown up in the White Mountains my whole life, and thru hiking just seems to be an amazing journey.
As I said, been in the woods my whole life, hiking around the big ole white mountains. Worked for the Forest Service last summer on a trail crew, so that definitely prepared me mentally for doing long hard days on trail.

"To woods I'll go, my true home"

01-06-2015, 16:27
I am class of '14 and I'm insanely jealous of you people.

01-16-2015, 04:22
Start date:April Fools Day
Trail name:FoxHat
Hometown: Providence, RI. Relocated to Houston, TX last year
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, because I've already done blackflies and mud in VT/NH, no need to do it again right away
Reason your thru hiking: Already sectioned quite a bit, I do a lot of hiking and bike touring, been wanting to Thru for a long time, and now I have the money, the time, the gear, and the skillset, may as well be now.
Level of experience: Ex-Military, done several 500+mi outings as a civilian.

If anyone from Houston/Austin wants to meet up and compare notes/gear/generally chew the fat, let me know.

01-16-2015, 08:20
Start date: May 1, 2015.
Trail Name: To be determined, I spose. Right now it could be Mt. Dew, since it's mah favorite soda and also a play on words---mountain do!
Hometown: Stafford, Virginia
NOBO or SOBO?: Gonna be doing a NOBO to HF.
Reason for the Hike? I lived right next to Keys Gap, VA when I was a boy. I've been dreaming about hiking the trail from GA to Harpers Ferry for 40 years now. This is the year.
Level of experience: Done some overnight hikes with much older, heavier gear. Now I have all new "techie" light weight gear and have been getting in shape for the May 1 Start Date.
See ya on the trail!

01-16-2015, 09:50
Start date: Mid-Late February
Trail name (If you have one yet): NoSew
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, timing works for me, need to be ready to work again when schools start in August
Reason your thru hiking: I love nature, I love being able to carry everything I need to survive on my back, I need a break from the 'real world', I value experiences over material possessions and I love a good challenge. I also look at it as a major detox for my body, which won't hurt. I also love feeling 'connected' and for me there is no better way to feel that way than being in nature.
Level of experience: High. I have spent many nights in the woods and have been on plenty of solo backpakcing trips.

Can't wait to make some new friends!

"You only live once. But once is enough if you do it right." - unknown

01-16-2015, 12:36
Start date: June 8
Trail name: Thirst
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Reason for thru-hiking: Been thinking about fastpacking the AT for years. Finally have a chance to do it.
Level of experience: 1700 miles of the AT

01-16-2015, 14:01
Getting so close.. can't wait!

01-20-2015, 09:32
hey great post thread!
We plan to start March 19, 2015
mine is Motmot and my partner is Zeeba
Falmouth, ME-Austin, TX. Relocating
NOBO , cause my girlfriend says so.
Love camping and hiking and now accepting of backpacking! Had always been an interest but we suddenly realized we have this one opportunity between Jobs and my now grown children and before i deteriorate any furthur.
39 years of off and on hiking, peak bagging, yearly backpacking and lots of car and remote camping fishing hunting skiing
Who else will be strating around our date?

01-21-2015, 10:22
May 16th (have to finish college first)
Still waiting for my trail name
Thompson, CT
NOBO for the gratifying finish of Mt Katahdin and for the drive down to Georgia
A friend put the idea for a thru hike in my head and it has since hijacked my thoughts with a burning desire and I feel like now is the perfect time in my life to embark on this incredible journey/challenge
Not enough experience (yet) with overnight hikes but I am a frequent day hiker, exercise freak, and nature enthusiast...needless to say I have a lot of preparing to do.

01-21-2015, 11:07
Trail name (If you have one yet): Holding out for a new one...if that's allowed. haha
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, because I live in GA and from research, NOBO seems a little less intimidating
Reason your thru hiking: The biggest one I keep reminding myself of when the doubt sets in is this: To prove to myself that I can do the unimaginable. My family thinks i am CRAZY and i've never done anything this epic, I usually play it safe. The 9-5 life is not something I see myself doing for the rest of my life, not happy with it. I want to experience and see as much as I can in this life, so i'm hoping the AT can be my starting path to achieving that!
Level of experience: Intermediate? I've only been backpacking for a year or so, but I'm a fast learner. : )

Alpha R
01-21-2015, 21:17
Start date: 3/10/15
Trail name: Roubaix
Hometown: Blue Ridge, VA.
NOBO The call of the history of the approach trail with the finish on the great mountain of Katahdin.
Reason: The great adventure, the hopeful feeling of accomplishment, the call of the mountains.
Level of experience: Living within , as the crow flies, 3 miles of the AT have hiked a fair amt. in VA. Many overnights although few extended nights.

01-22-2015, 20:54
Well here goes it.

Start Date: mid to late March

Hometown: Northeast Ohio

NOBO - just makes sense in my head doing it that way.

Approach Trail - For sure
Reason - so I can stop obsessing and move on with my life :p Can't wait to see what I get out of it.

Level of experience - have been camping my whole life. Started doing some overnight backpacking trips the last 3 or 4 years. Longest backpacking trip has only been about 4 days.

We are so close it is unreal!

01-22-2015, 21:37
Start date: 2/07
Trail name (If you have one yet): I dunno, Longhorn?
Hometown: Bay City, Texas
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO
Reason your thru hiking: Just graduated and my Dad is hiking. Seems cool and now is a good time.
Level of experience: Whatever category short hikes is in :D

01-24-2015, 01:07
Start date: 3/25
Trail name (If you have one yet): Nick and Katie for now
Hometown: Boulder
NOBO or SOBO (and why): Nobo, because it just seems right for us.
Reason your thru hiking: To have an adventure. We want to start a family one day and this is an experience that we always wanted to have under our belt first. To travel together (like we always said we would). To stop wondering "What If we did". To see what comes after!
Level of experience: Lots of hiking in Colorado, not much backpacking experience.

We can't wait. Time is FLYING! Hope to see tons of you in the woods soon!


01-24-2015, 12:32
Start Date--March 26, 2015
Trail Names--D.no and C.shell
Hometown--Palm Bay, FL
NOBO or SOBO--NOBO for us. <But SOBO looks good, too! Maybe next time>
Reason--Want a big challenge of doing something together. Plus all the other usual reasons!
Approach Trail-No
Level of Experience--Newbies. We did a 5 night shakedown section in the fall from Amicolola to Neel gap.
We learned a lot. And really enjoyed it!
Generally tho....we have hiked, camped, bicycled, surfed, scuba dived, kayaked so we
feel comfortable in the outdoors!

Hey all!

Husband and wife hiking together....we will be staying in the Hiker Hostel the night before
our departure. We stayed there in the fall and it is awesome. Both Derrick and Shannon, the
live-in managers, are thru-hikers and really nice folks!

See you all out on the trail!

Doug & Cheri

01-24-2015, 14:26
Well hello there ladies and gents!
Start date 2nd week of February... ish
Trail name (If you have one yet) Nope
Hometown: Spartansburg, PA(Yep I'm a Spartan ;)
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO because WE have to start early. I will be hiking with my lady friend who is going to med school and has a limited scheduled. So we will be starting early and walking fast!!
Reason your thru hiking: It has been a life long goal/dream which only became possible when I met Sharon (the lady friend) without her it would have just stayed a dream.
Level of experience: I grew up on a dairy farm and as a boy I lived in the woods. Although I never hiked or camped for more that a few days I'm very comfortable in nature. Sense meeting Sharon however we have went on a number of week-longs and have ticked 13 of the 46 high peeks in the Adirondacks.
If anyone is interested we have put together a fun video of our last trip 115 miles on the North Country Trail https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DrJAGAUd1VU . That video series will also follow us on our thru-hike

ENJOY the adventure
and remember keep it between the blazes

Hello again !!
We would just like to update all our fellow thru-hikers that maybe interested in getting to know us. Go to www.facebook.com/tokatahdin for our videos/blogs and updates. Only 17 day and we will be on the trail!

01-26-2015, 12:07
Start date: February 16th (+/- a couple days)
Trail name (If you have one yet): none yet
Hometown: Higganum, Connecticut
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, because the timing works.
Reason your thru hiking: I heard about the trail a couple years ago and just couldn't let it go.
Level of experience: Not much, I've done a lot of reading and preparing but long distance backpacking is still new to me.

I'm really excited to get out there, and i'm looking forward to meeting everyone else!

01-26-2015, 14:05
Start Date --March 21,2015
Trail Name--No Spring Chicken
Hometown--Toledo, Ohio
NOBO or SOBO--starting NOBO, will flip flop if I have to (because Im slow)
Reason--Well, Im no Spring chicken (63). Biggest thing in the bucket list.
Level of experience--week long backpacking trips on the AT. No cold weather backpacking experience.

Cant wait to meet everyone.

02-04-2015, 09:23
Hello there!!
Quick update Sharon and I hit the trail in 6 days... ahhhhh its happening. Check out a video we made yesterday on the electronics that we will be taking with us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YkkepN_zKbA

02-04-2015, 11:27
April 7th
GA to PA
Experience wise... 3.1 on a scale of 5..
Looking to get away and go for a walk... Figure I may as well bring a pack and tent... walk up and down some mountains....ya know... the good stuff. :)

02-05-2015, 22:31
Start date March 1st
No trail name yet
Home town is Huntsville, Alabama
NOBO because this is my first AT hike. I might be open to a flip flop.
I want to take this journey because I'm a medically retired army veteran who is lost since getting out of the military. I am hoping to find my direction in what I want to do now. Also, I do not have a hiking partner yet so if anyone would like to join up my start date is flexible just message me. I'm a 30 year old male and would like to try to average around 15 miles a day give or take depending on terrain.

02-25-2015, 13:37
Start: April 19
Trail name: n/a
Hometown: Morgantown, WV
NOBO: Less skeeters.
Reason: Ain't nothing better than moving around in the woods til your dead tired and then crashing comfortably in a hammock.
Experience: The more you think you know, the less you actually know.

02-25-2015, 15:25
I'll be hiking NOBO starting April 7th and hope to see some of you out there! I'm posting about my experience at thegillianlife.wordpress.com (https://thegillianlife.wordpress.com); feel free to follow along!

02-25-2015, 15:56
Start: mid to late April (haven't decided on a date yet).
Trail name: Still thinking of one. I'm scared to "acquire" one along the way. Haha
Hometown: Mansfield, Pa
NOBO: Other than tradition, no reason why I'm not going SOBO, really.
Reason: Ever since I was a Boy Scout (some 25 plus years ago), I heard of the trail and thought that would be one of the coolest things I could try to do (end to end). Now that I just retired, that time has come. And I can't wait!!
Experience: No more than weekend camps/hikes, so this should make it interesting. I'm up for a challenge.

02-26-2015, 13:59
Start Date: March 12-22, 2015 (Depending on the weather)
Trail Name: Everyone gave me the name 'Indiana Bones' or just 'Bones' (because I'm an international archaeologist.)
Hometown: Charleston, SC. (Originally...Glasgow, Scotland)
NOBO: because I don't have the means to travel up north before hiking south. I'm close to the southern terminus.
Reason: I've been an avid hiker since the age of 11. It's just another hike to cross off my list, and I'm excited to meet new people along the way!
Experience: I'm a US National Park Ranger. I have thruhiked the PCT, John Muir trail and half of the CDT. You live and learn, and I still learn every day!

Feel free to follow my Instagram, Wordpress, or Youtube!
Instagram: @RangerRenton
Wordpress: IndianaBones.wordpress.com

02-26-2015, 14:12
Starting NOBO 4/16...yay
Trail name: none yet(should be interesting)

No real experience but done lots of reading.

Hike on brothers and sisters see you in trail

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02-26-2015, 15:28
Starting flip flop 4/27 nobo from harpers ferry.
Trail name: tbd
Hometown: detroit
Reason: to cherish every second of this trail.
Exp: 100 miles over several overnighters last year and now im hooked.

Come join the flip flop movement.

Vela A.
03-03-2015, 00:11
Start date: End of April
Trail name: I don't have one. And I don't know how I feel about getting one
Hometown: Bangor-ish Maine
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO. Because I am from Maine and I want to finish my hike and be close to home.
Reason your thru hiking: I've wanted to since I was a kid. I met my husband and he had always waned to. Our kid just left home so we're running off into the woods to play!
Level of experience: We have both been hiking since we were kids. The AT in Maine, trails in Oregon and northern California, New Hampshire

03-26-2015, 09:10
start April 13 from Hike Inn
trail name Gdad hiking with Lucy adrenalin is really getting high can't wait to go

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03-26-2015, 20:47
Start date: 03-28-15 Drivng down to Georgia tomorrow and starting Saturday.

Trail name (If you have one yet): Columbus: I often don't find what I'm looking for but it usually works out any way.

Hometown: Columbus, OH

NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO because that's how I planned it over the last 6 months lol

Reason your thru hiking: A lot of reasons but mainly because I've always dreamed of it

Level of experience: Lots of hiking and small amounts of backpacking

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the trail. I will be solo so feel free to say hi. Thank you to these forums for being invaluable.

03-30-2015, 13:04
Start date:April Fools Day
Trail name:FoxHat
Hometown: Providence, RI. Relocated to Houston, TX last year
NOBO or SOBO (and why): NOBO, because I've already done blackflies and mud in VT/NH, no need to do it again right away
Reason your thru hiking: Already sectioned quite a bit, I do a lot of hiking and bike touring, been wanting to Thru for a long time, and now I have the money, the time, the gear, and the skillset, may as well be now.
Level of experience: Ex-Military, done several 500+mi outings as a civilian.

If anyone from Houston/Austin wants to meet up and compare notes/gear/generally chew the fat, let me know.

Hey SwissGuy,

I'm moving back home to Lake Jackson after I complete my thru this year. Stationed in Quantico right now.

03-30-2015, 13:17
Start Date: Early May or early June
Trail Name: Showtime has followed me in the military, but I'll be getting my trail name on the trail.
Hometown: Lake Jackson, TX. Stationed in Quantico, VA currently.
NOBO or SOBO: NOBO b/c I grew up with mutant power plant mosquitos on the gulf coast. Hoping to summit Katahdin on my 1 year of sobriety (Oct. 4)
Reason for hike: I love to hike, and was inspired to do the trail three years ago after reading the Barefoot Sisters. My getting out of the Marine Corps means I don't have any long term obligations, and I'd rather do it now than wait twenty years.
Level of Experience: I hike most weekends, in mountains when I can, and several times throughout the week. Two twenty mile days is not a problem, but I have never tried it on my longer trips (5 to 10 days).