View Full Version : Short Pinnacle Hike/Gear Review

03-11-2014, 14:51
So today I decided to hoof it 10 miles or so at the Pinnacles in Berea, KY. It was a a beautiful day although nothing is really blooming yet. I mostly wanted to test out 2 new pieces of gear and one old piece.

First I wanted to see how my new Merrell Moab Ventillator boots would hold up. So far, I've never been able to find that perfect pair of boots. Well finally I believe I have. I have nothing negative to say about them. Now I know 10 miles isn't much distance, but my first impression is that I made a wise choice. They have the traction, stability, and fit that I have desired.

Second, I have a week or so to return the REI Flash 62 pack I picked up off of REI Outlet. So, I loaded it with my normal gear and headed out. Other than feeling like an idiot for packing such a large pack into the pinnacles, I was rather impressed. The straps never loosened as I have seen in reviews. The pack carried very well. It did get a slight wobble every now and then, but I think that was due to a little too much weight loaded incorrectly. I'm hoping my smaller shelter that is on its way will help alleviate some of that weight. One negative about the pack is that I really couldn't reach my water bottles in the mesh pockets. I have terrible range of motion in my shoulders after tearing both labrums, but I still thought it would be easier. The only way I could remove or replace them was by loosening my shoulder straps which in turn lowers my pack somewhat. Other than that, I think its a keeper.

The old piece of gear I am reviewing is, quite simply, me. After rehabbing my left knee, a right ankle sprain and broken ribs in the past 6 months(all separate incidents) I was worried how tough this easy hike would be. I'm also 25 lbs heavier than I was last year. I must say, I'm embarrassed by how terrible I performed out there. I was breathing heavy almost immediately. Quads were burning way before they should have. My ankle never bothered me(thanks Merrell) but my knee felt a little weak at times. I guess I need to get out there as much as possible to get back in shape. Rant over. Thanks to anyone listening, haha.

03-11-2014, 16:19
Years ago I had a pair of those boots. They worked well for me. Since then, I have lightened my load and hike in trail runners exclusively. Lighter loads and footwear have made a big difference over the years. :)