View Full Version : Need recommendation- overnight hike near hot springs

Uncle Walkie
03-12-2014, 22:01
Looking for a recommendation for an overnight hike near hot springs/max patch area. Looking at approx 10 miles out, camp 10 miles back....or a loop..etc. we are looking for a challenge.

thought about simply hopping on the AT, head north or south and hike until we're tired, camp then turn around and hike back the next day.

Will be hiking with my 14 yard old son, both in good shape.

thanks for the help

03-13-2014, 11:24
Get a shuttle to drop you off at Allen Gap (14.7 miles), or Log Cabin Rd (16.3) north of town, or Brown Gap (23.3) or Max Patch rd (20.6) South of town, and walk back to town. Bluff Mountain outfitters is a good shuttle provider.