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03-13-2014, 06:24
I'm looking for an off trail 20-30 mile loop in either the GWNF or JNF for a hike in April. I'm seeing lots of 10-15 mile loops but nothing in the range I'm looking for. Other Natl Forests in Va are also options but I prefer something not too heavily populated with other hikers.

03-13-2014, 09:24
The book 50 Hikes in Northern Virginia had a 30 mile loop located in GW/JNF. I can't remember the name but it is just north of Ramsey's Draft, VA. It is 29 miles and some change, nice scenery. the only problem is that you have to stock up on water half way through the second day to carry you through the third day. I have wanted to do this one for awhile but haven't had the time. The Ramsey's Draft loop shares this trail for a short distance. You could also do a loop in the northern part of the Massenutten Trail in the northern part of GW/JNF between Strasburg and Front Royal, VA. This trail is 70 miles but you can make it shorter. Again, no water on the ridges but you can go down into the valley to get water.

03-13-2014, 14:03
Here's one that I've been eyeballing over the long winter. I've not done this hike specifically, but have spent some time in this general area.


If you pull up some topo maps of this area, you can easily piece together a loop of almost any length.

03-14-2014, 10:45
I've done the hike the previous poster mentioned, the Trout Run Valley. That is a very nice hike and besides the loop on the mid atlantic hikes website there are many other trails you could use to make a longer or different loop. See the Trails Illustrated or PATC maps for the trails.
Further south is the Ramsey draft area/Wild Oak Trail. If you google the wild oak trail it is a 26 mile loop, but you could tack on some trails in the ramsey's draft to make it longer. Once again the trails illustrated map for the area has all the trails.
Either of these will be lightly used. In the trout run valley once you are away from Big Schloss you will hardly see anyone.

03-16-2014, 07:36
Thanks for the info. I'm very interested in the Trout Run Valley hike and will likely do that one.