View Full Version : 100-mile section in mid-April

03-13-2014, 20:55
What section (passages?) would you recommend for a 100-mile section-hike in mid-April? Considerations would be water, scenery, ease of logistics. I poked around the AZ trail website. Are there other resources/websites I should be looking at? Thanks for your help!

03-14-2014, 10:22
Look at the roughly 100 miles from Hwy 60 (Picketpost TH) near Superior, to Hwy 89, the Beeline Hwy, NE of Mesa. Both THs have easy enough access to the Sun Harbor Airport. Superior is one of the more-involved trail towns. That's a tough 100 miles, through the Superstitions and the Mazatzals, but gives you high desert and some alpine terrain with great views. Water is easier there than most areas.

The main problem would be lack of resources at Hwy 89--absolutely nothing there, but enough traffic that a hitch would be possible, though maybe difficult. I believe there's cell service there if you have someone lined up to call. There's not even a decent trailhead there, from what I recall, so it's difficult to meet someone. It's an indistinct road crossing. If possible, scout it out before you hike.

03-15-2014, 10:45
Thanks for the idea. I would probably have a ride to the beginning of the hike, but then be on my own at the end, so would this section work southbound? How are the transit options getting from Superior back to PHX? Also, it's looking like this will be more of a late April hike, maybe starting April 22 or so. Am I going to get scorched? Thanks for the the help.

03-15-2014, 21:51
Sure, SOBO would be fine and probably a good idea. There's a new hiker shuttle service in Superior, I noticed in a recent ATA emailing. Check out the ATA website, it should have something. There's also a town guide that has a few phone numbers for local businesses and services. It's a small town and somebody probably knows somebody.... There's a connector trail from the AZT right into Superior called LOST, the Legends of Superior Trail, about four miles. Picketpost Mt is right there, too, worthy of a side trip (climb) if you can make it.

That's pretty close to the time NOBO thru hikers would be coming through. Yes, it could be in the high 80s or warmer in the lower areas, but not dangerously hot (it's a dry heat...).