View Full Version : The Barn in Gorham NH is actively on sale again

03-16-2014, 17:58
The "Barn' which is attached to the Libby House Inn for active sale again. http://libbyhouseinn.webs.com/

Its a very convenient location in Gorham that generally has been a hobby for past owners. Parking is limited and in general they just don't seem to get the business in the inn. The "Barn" tends to be operated out of tradition but I expect most hikers find other accommodations in town more to their liking. With the loss of a grocery store in town several years ago, it is a long haul to Walmart but there is a town bus that runs near it. Hard to beat for convenient access to town from the AT from a couple of directions and a great base for slackpacking. Given its vintage I expect its heating bill is enormous but the past owners have spent far more than the asking price restoring and upgrading it.

Hikers Paradise usually also is on sale but not as actively advertised. Definitely two ends of the spectrum and both for 250K.

The White Mountains lodge and Hostel in Shelburne NH seems to be the pick of many hikers in the area, it was also for sale last year but hasn't been listed lately. Its major downside is that it is far away from anything. The low cost option at the White Birches Campground in Shelburne is about the only one not for sale, it is very basic with few services, basically a bunk room, campground store and a outdoor cooking area with a fridge in the inside.