View Full Version : Need weights for merino base layer

03-22-2014, 15:31
I am looking for weight on Merino lightweight base layers, tops and bottoms. The only ones I could dig up was the Patagonia merino 2. Anyone have the weight of the Smartwool and Icebreaker brands? Thanks for the help.

03-22-2014, 20:09
My Icebreaker 150 LS tee shirt is 6.6 oz.

My Smartwool long bottoms are 7.4 oz

Zippy Morocco
03-22-2014, 20:35
Men's Icebreaker 200 bottoms size medium 6.31 oz

03-22-2014, 22:38
Thank you both.

Starvin Marvin
03-24-2014, 20:25
Smartwool mens NTS light 195 zip T in med. 9.15 oz
Smartwool mens NTS light 195 bottom in large. 6.75 oz

03-26-2014, 21:04

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