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03-22-2014, 17:08
Planning to start a NOBO thru hike in late march, most of these items are gonna stay but some will change.
All input is appreciated.
Shooting for a basewight around ten pounds
*-sending home

Bear Paw Bear Den 1- 12 oz
Inner net tent- 8 oz
Polycro groundsheet- 2 oz
Ti stakes- 2 oz
Cuben stake bag-1 oz

850 Ti mug w/ carbon lid- 3 oz
Crux stove- 3 oz
Stoic spork- 1 oz

HMG SW 2400- 25 oz
Trash compacter liner- 1 oz
*Stoic Somnus 15- 2 lbs
Lafuma 40 bag(summer)- 1 lb
Exped UL7- 12 oz
Sawyer mini- 2 oz
1 liter water pouch-2 oz
Smartwater bottle- 2 oz
Mont bell pillow- 2oz
Bear bag/ loksak- 3oz

Stoic longsleeve merino- 4 oz
Short sleeve merino - 3 oz
Marmot Super mica- 7 oz
*Golite Tumalo pants- 7 oz
*Mont bell UL down jacket-7 oz
*Convertable pants- 9 oz
TNF lightweight shorts(summer)- 3 oz
Mountain Hardwear microfleece-
Marmot lightweight baselayer bottoms- 4 oz
Injinji liner socks- 1 oz
Darn tough ankle socks x2- 4 oz
Merino briefs-2 oz
Mountain Hardwear liner gloves- 2oz
*MLD event mittens- 2 oz
Kavu strapcap- 2 oz
Stretchy buff- 1 oz

Iphone- 3oz
STS headnet- 1 oz
First aid- 2 oz
Zipka- 2 oz

03-23-2014, 01:04
Dude. You're well on your way. I wouldn't worry too much. Get on the trail, get hiking and you'll tinker around. Weight-wise...you're probably good to go, man. I will say....lose the liner...you'll get lazy on the trail. I have gotten that way..I wanted to use one but never found the energy to keep buying the compactor bags and never was committed enough to using a real pack liner.

03-23-2014, 13:03
Yeah everyone says you need a liner but supposedly my pack is close to waterproof so hopefully if i keep my sleeping bag and clothes in drysacks i should be good to go without one.