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09-16-2005, 16:49
About to get some light gear for the first time - a tent. Thinking about the Montbell Hexagon for 2 people for use in Scotland in Spring, Summer and Autum - any idea how good this tent is and whether it will it stand up OK in a bit of Scottish wind and rain? Are their better 2 man tent options (double-skin) around this weight and price that I should maybe consider?



09-16-2005, 17:16
hey mf11:welcome

i just came back from Ecuador, we were playing in cotopaxi nat'l park hiking and climbing and the group i was leading were from the Isle of Islay scottland. and i used my North Face Vector 22 3 season tent. it is excellent in the wind, snow, sleet what ever mess you want to put in, on the crater rim of Quiatoa we had 60 + mph winds and was lovin it.:banana it fits 2 ok great for solo lots of room.its just 4lbs,