View Full Version : Central Virginia Trail Conditions

09-16-2005, 21:20
Madame and I will be hiking from Va. 621 to Rockfish Gap beginning the first of October. What is the water situation up there? We were in Damascus this past weekend and it seemed dry.Thanks.

the goat
09-17-2005, 13:50
i'm pretty close to snp so i'm up there all the time. i can tell you that the water sources are pretty dry, especially in the higher elevations. rain has been pretty sparse the last couple months.:sun

09-20-2005, 14:46
When you get to Dundo group Camp just north of Blackrock, and south of Loft Mountain, tank up there. I was at Blackrock hut back in August and the spring was barely a trickle then - could by dry by now with not much rain here since then. There was good water at Calf Mountain Shelter south of Blackrock about 14 miles.