View Full Version : Gregory Z65 shoulder strap tear

Nick P
03-24-2014, 15:41
I've just shipped a 3-month old Z65 (medium) back for repairs; though I have only used it 6 or so times, mostly on day-hikes but occasionally on overnights with 25 lbs or so, one shoulder strap started becoming frayed, and now is torn approximately 1/3 of its width. I have always loosened them before removing my pack, but the tears have occurred rights at the "stress" points on the strap where it threads through the white "buckle" or "fastener" shown here:


Has anyone ever had a similar problem?
I don't need it re-occurring on my AT thru attempt, which starts in 3 months, but I don't know what I am doing wrong? My older Gregory certainly seems to have been more durable and of sturdier materials, but this pack is perfect in size and design for me. I want to use it, but it had better be a one-off problem!
Thanks for any feedback.