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03-27-2014, 11:16

first of all I would like to say I feel very welcomed here and thankful that people are willing to help me prepare for my thru hike SOBO.

I have questions regarding food and clothing. Since I am starting SOBO In July I figure it to be a little chilly at nights and I also know that I will be hiking through wet lands which will be bug infested. I don't want to have to send anything through the mail, I want to take what I will need and finish with it, the only thing I want to have to replenish is food and water (boiled from nearby water recourses/filtered.

So as far as clothing goes what all should I have? I will have three pairs of heavy weight WOOL socks, a lightweight rain jacket, rain pants, hiking boots, trail shoes, another pair of hiking pants that can zip to shorts, a couple synthetic shirts, a couple synthetic long sleeve shirts, and a light weight down jacket. I'll also have a hat and a face bug net. is there anything I'm missing or anything I don't need?

Okay so now about food. I'm bringing a portable stove, and fuel. As far as the actual food goes I know I'll be needing to eat A LOT of calories and protein, but so far I just have instant oatmeal and cliff bars as an idea to keep things lightweight. What will I be eating most often? What should I look for in towns when I restock? Any suggestions for what I should bring to Carry water, a camelback possibly?

Ill also be be bringing a phone charger for when I'm in town, and a portable charger. I looked online and found a good list of some base things I need like tent/backpack/shoes ect.

Im in just trying to have this figured out before I go, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have the time to do this and I want to seize the opportunity. I've tried searching everywhere to find answers to these questions but my confusion has not been cleared so I come to white laze for advice, Please answer all questions if you can! Thank you so much :)

bamboo bob
03-27-2014, 11:24
I would suggest reviewing the existing information in the Forums Section about food and gear.