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03-28-2014, 14:35
An earlier thread asked about expenses...

Here you go:

Note this hike a sample of *ONE* and is from a few years back.

Just interesting as the expenses were indeed higher than their triple crown hikes (as most people would expect from an ADT hike)

bamboo bob
03-28-2014, 14:47
That was fun

gram cracker
12-27-2014, 18:01

That's about what I estimated for a long road walk. Thanks for the info as it confirms my estimates.

Gram Cracker

12-27-2014, 21:31
I looked into the ADT a few yeats ago and quickly abandoned the idea. Too much road walking, too many motel stays and would likely eat too much fast food. Plus the idea of walking across Kansas in the middle of summer did not sound like much fun.

Peddling a bike cross country would be quicker and therefore cheaper since you could get to campgrounds easier and more often.

gram cracker
12-28-2014, 11:17

First of all, I have to respect your dislike for road walking as it is what you are. On the other hand, many people like road walking, although not as many as like to backpack in the wilderness. Since we all get to choose what we like, I'm not trying to change your opinion. If your goal is to ride across the country, I suggest looking into the TransAmerica bicycle trail.

I'm planning a hike through all 48 States (http://48statehike.blogspot.com). I may not get to do it, but I've learned a lot in the last 3,600 miles or so of training. For instance, I'm just as comfortable at 11 below zero as I am at 110 above. There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. Keep in mind, when it's sunny and 110, the temperature above the road surface is about 140 degrees. Strangely, the body adjusts and I find myself indifferent to the temperature.

I've found I would never be more than 3 days between supermarkets on a 48 state hike. The problem of carrying enough food is easily resolved by buying a push cart. I find I walk more efficiently pushing a cart than not pushing one.

The hike only goes near two major cities. Cleveland and Atlanta. I planned a safe route through both cities that can be walked in one day. No need for expensive motels.

I've read many journals about hiking the ADT and many people do spend a lot of days in a motel. However, some stealth camp most nights.

A long road hike must start with a passion to complete it, just like hiking the AT must start with a passion to complete it. Passion for a hike is something a person either has or doesn't have and trying to excite a passion in others is usually pointless except through exposure. For instance, a person who takes a road walk with me might find a passion for road walking. It's irrelevant to me if they do or not as it's not important.

Any hike has a series of problems to solve. One thing I like about road walking is nobody has done the problem solving for me.

If you happen to see a guy pushing a yellow cart down the road, toot your horn and wave. Or stop and walk awhile with me.

02-10-2015, 21:56
Setting goals for your hike would be important and may reduce the dependency on hotels.