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03-29-2014, 21:40
Is there an after taste with the aquamira drops

03-29-2014, 22:03
Not that I notice. Nothing like the old mil issued water pure tabs....

03-29-2014, 22:20
No, and I'm pretty picky about my water. I didn't notice a taste at all.

double d
03-29-2014, 22:39
No, I've never noticed an after-taste, but I would also recommend that you mix your water with some kind of dried sports drink that you mix in with your water.

03-30-2014, 06:41
We have a drilled deep well supplying water to our very rural house. No filtration or chlorine. Just as Mother Nature intended. I can detect a very slight flavor when I use AM on the trail. Not enough to bother me. If you are used to city/municipal water, it shouldn't even bother you. :)

03-30-2014, 07:49
No aftertaste for me when I use the appropriate amount and let the water sit for 30 minutes.

03-30-2014, 08:21
Leaving the water uncovered or with a loose cap allows the bad tasting gas to escape. Otherwise I definitely taste it.

rusty bumper
03-30-2014, 09:02
Never noticed a taste in 5 continuous months of using AM.

Kc Fiedler
03-30-2014, 12:11
I've used AM for years and never noticed a taste at all.

03-30-2014, 12:29
I don't notice any difference after treating with Aqua Mira either. Been doing it for over a decade now on my annual section hikes.

03-30-2014, 17:26
Same as above, I have not noticed any taste.

04-03-2014, 07:22
Is there an after taste with the aquamira drops

Sometimes I notice a lemony note to my AM-treated water. Not a bad taste, if any.

04-03-2014, 08:56
AM creates a very slight yellowish color, and that yellowish color makes me believe it has a slight chemical taste, but I'm pretty sure it's only my imagination. As has been said, AM is much better along these lines than tablets I've used in the past. AM is certainly my go-to purification method on the AT. I do add various powders most of the time to my treated water (crystal light, Gatorade, Kool-Aid), if for nothing else than to make me want to drink more often.

04-03-2014, 11:30
I don't notice any taste to AM-treated water. But after using it for 5 mo, I noticed that tap water tasted different.

Like many others, I've been using AM for years. I prefer it over iodine tablets or Polar Pure (no longer available).

04-03-2014, 11:41
AM and vitalyte is a good way to mix water imho

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turtle fast
04-03-2014, 17:09
Using AM is like drinking most municipally treated water...so the taste for many is not noticeable.

lemon b
04-05-2014, 01:19
I taste, but not an aftertaste.

04-05-2014, 10:55
I have used every type of chemical treatment available and have been satisfied with most. However now that I have used this; http://www.rei.com/product/866577/sawyer-mini-water-filter#descriptionTab I have no plans to chemically treat water again. It weighs next to nothing and I think that you quickly recoup the cost of tablets since it only costs $25.