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03-30-2014, 20:42
A group of us from the Birmingham and Gadsden area have a hike planned in a couple of weeks for a loop hike starting at Turkey Pen Gap, following the South Mills Trail to the Pink Beds and on to the MTS trail and then looping back on the Laurel Mountain and Bradley Creek trails, total distance is 33.5 miles. From the info I have it looks like a good week end hike, anyone have any comments about this area?

03-30-2014, 21:36
Beautiful area, not many hikers, be prepared for lots of stream crossings along the south mills river trail if going westerly.
Im leaving in the morning for 3 days of flyfishing and camping along the North Mills river.
I'll be hiking the south mills river loop/loops in a few weeks. Your planned route sounds really good.

03-30-2014, 21:43
Be on the alert for the turkey pen gap road, very easy to miss.

The Solemates
03-30-2014, 23:03
great area. the water crossings can be interesting in times of high water, but fun. and i will echo some of the roads in the area are easy to miss.

03-31-2014, 09:08
FYI Turkey Pen Road is right at the county line for Transylvania and Henderson counties on highway NC280

04-15-2014, 20:44
Four of us did this hike this past week end with mixed reviews. It had an umptillion water crossings, which to me was what made it different and worth doing, I really liked it, I waded through the crossings in my trail shoes, the others changed each time, two of the group seemed okay with it and one grumbled a lot about it and I doubt he'd go back, easy walking, spent the night at the Pisgah Inn to satisfy one of the guys, I slept outside on the deck.