View Full Version : waterproof or not

03-31-2014, 16:54
i have wanted to try boots that are not waterproof, but i have a wide foot. any suggestions on a wide hi top boot without the waterproofing.
is waterproof better on trails in the west?


03-31-2014, 17:20
IDK, but I have found waterproofing is counter productive on the AT, with waterproofing your feet just get wet slower but do get wet and can take days to dry, with breathable shoes your feel get soaked much sooner but they dry out much faster, if a section hiker or where a car awaits each night YMMV.

03-31-2014, 19:01
In 99% of the conditions, non waterproof. I use waterproof socks to have the best of both worlds.

03-31-2014, 19:35
What they said. Wear trail runners, light modern footwear. Slog through the mud and puddles. Being light, the boots will dry quickly. Waterproofing (of boots) is a losing battle.

03-31-2014, 19:54
I'd only go with a waterproof-breathable boot for day- or weekend-hiking. You will generally want even more breathable (read, mesh) boots in the drier western U.S.

High-top boots only provide an illusion of additional ankle support. You'd be much better off strengthening your ankles through 10 minutes of daily exercises such as toe-ups, heel walks, one-legged blindfolded balancing, etc.

04-01-2014, 07:17
I'd use lightweight waterproof shoes for a week or less hike, any hike longer than that I'd use quick drying trail runners and carry three pair of socks.