View Full Version : Treyfoot Mtn. trail from the AT

04-01-2014, 13:34
Im planing a 7-day section hike on the AT thru SNP in august but was also interested on hiking to the summit of treyfoot also willing to extended the trip for treyfoot mtn. but was wondering about water sources and campgrounds on the Mtn. Ive read that the treyfoot Mtn. trail is a 10 mile loop, is that true? does the trail return to the AT ?

04-01-2014, 22:16
Trayfoot Mtn. can be reached from the AT at Blackrock Summit in the southern district. Trayfoot summit can be reached in under a mile ,(no views) the trail goes right continuing along the ridge before connecting with the Paine Run Trail.
There is a loop that takes you back to the AT. Campsites are along Paine Run .

Actually the longer loop which I've been meaning to do is 20.6 miles and includes Furnace and Austin Mountains. Only water sources will come from Paine Run and Madison Run .