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04-01-2014, 18:38
After ordering the duomid I figured it was time to look into some pole options. I don't always carry trekking poles and don't want to carry them just for the sake of a tent. I'm looking for something that will give me 52-60 inches of adjustable height.

Ron from MLD recommends buying a trekking pole and cutting the handle and tip off. A quick search on REI shows me the cheapest pole option at $70 using REI shocklight staff. Up to 58 inches but then I'd have to keep the handle and tip on for that height, I think? And its 10.2 ounces..A bit too heavy. There is the GG LT4 poles but those seem pricey and not sure about durability.

Tigoat has CF adjustable poles but I haven't heard back from them whether the .450 pole works with the .600 pole extender. I like this option the best.

The third option is the adjustable poles from SeekOutside. However they are out of stock and there isn't an ETA on their arrival.

Are there any more options out there? I don't necessarily need the most UL option as storm worthiness is something I'm considering. But sub 6oz is preferred and may limit me to CF in the end.

What ya'll think Whiteblazers?

04-01-2014, 18:43
Or perhaps 2 of the .600 TIgoat poles with extenders which would be a total of up to 74 inches so I could pitch it A style. But then I'm looking at 11oz so forget that. Maybe just one. Anyone have a comparison of .450 vs .600?

04-01-2014, 18:45
The lightheartgear adjustable aluminum poles only go

48.25 inches - 52.25 inches which is too bad because the weight and price is good for a pair.

04-01-2014, 22:14
Now I am looking at Zpacks poles. Different length combos but would have to be lashed together somehow. thinking the 48inch and 22inch would be best combo. Leaves 10inches of connection at 60inch would be max for duomid. 2.6oz. 30bucks, but how secure is it lashed together.

B.j. Clark
04-02-2014, 00:33
Check out bearpaw wilderness designs. John has lots of pole options that might work for you.