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TJ aka Teej
04-02-2014, 17:34
For decades the overnight camping season ended at Baxter on October 15th. No matter what day of the week it landed on, 10/15 was the last night for camping. This year and next, as a trial only, that changes!

Over a two year trial period, Baxter State Park will extend the Park camping season to October 25, 2014 and October 24, 2015, at selected sites at Daicey Pond, Katahdin Stream and Abol Campground.

Selected sites:

Katahdin Stream: sites 20, 9-12, 16 and 17 and the Birches
Abol: sites 24, 18, and 9
Daicey Pond: cabins 4, 5, 7 and 10

Remember this:

there is NO guarantee trails to Baxter Peak will be open that late in the season.
days are SHORT
weather is COLD
the Birches Long Distance Hiker site is included

04-02-2014, 19:19
In you quote the the birches are included in your statement it is not :confused:

04-02-2014, 21:28
This announcement should not change northbound thru-hiker's plans to arrive at Baxter before October 15. This new policy is not aimed a A.T. hikers; it is really intended for campers who would like to enjoy the campgrounds and trails at lower elevations in the park, which obviously do not have the severe conditions that occur higher up on the mountain. If a thru-hiker is delayed in reaching Katahdin, this does *not* increase the likelihood that he or she will be able to climb after October 15. It just means a hiker will have the option of camping at The Birches (the fee applies) instead of having to leave the park at night.

Other ATC staff members and I were on a call with the Park Director Jensen Bissell and longtime Park Naturalist Jean Hoekwater last week.

Laurie P.

TJ aka Teej
04-02-2014, 21:28
In you quote the the birches are included in your statement it is not :confused:
I hike better than I type, StarChild! No worries - the Birches will stay open! :D

TJ aka Teej
04-02-2014, 21:30
Just to add to Laurie's message - I've been at the Park in mid-October almost every year for the last three decades. Based on my experience, ATers planning to summit should get to the Park by October 1st. Late season hikers have been shuttling up from Monson, climbing Katahdin, and heading back through the 100 mile in recent years - a smart move!

04-03-2014, 06:24
Useful information, Teej!