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04-02-2014, 23:53
Hey all...

I'm leaving for Springer Mountain in a week to begin walking in a general northerly direction. I'm a stranger to forums and don't participate in them very well. I feel like I get way more out of them than I give back. I've gotten a lot from this site. I've gotten advice, help in preparation, motivation, some good laughs...you all seem like a great bunch. Sort of like tasty grapes. :0)

I wanted to say thank you for the information and such that you've all shared.

I feel terrified right now. I'm no stranger to big changes. This will be the first big one I'm doing on my own though. So maybe that's why the feelings are so strong. I'm super excited too. Kind of like I'm a 3 year old kid and I know I'm getting a kitten in a week, but I have to actually wait that whole week.

I'd love to meet some of you on the trail if we happen to bump in to each other...I'll be going by Snowball.

Big Dawg
04-03-2014, 01:02
Good luck Snowball,, have fun!! Wish I could be out there thru'in w/ all y'all 2014'ers, but family & job keeps me in section hiking mode.

04-03-2014, 06:15
Good luck snowball,my kitten is a year away!

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