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04-04-2014, 08:44

In my quest to find wide widths I come across wolverine boots.

I'm familiar with them when I worked other jobs.

Wanted to know have any of you had experience with them regarding hiking. I know there is a big difference between work and hiking boots but most of thier boots have 2e's and 3e's. I would not consider taking working boots hiking. This is strictly pertaining to thier hiking boots.

Any of your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I have read other posts from you all and have applied, or in the process, of applying them.

Thank you for all your help!!

Have a great day!

04-04-2014, 11:51
Came to this thread for X-men hiking shoes, was disappointed. My apologies for not having anything constructive to add, I have no experience with Wolverine hiking boots.

Damn Yankee
04-04-2014, 12:54
Way back in the day when wolverine hiking boots came out, they were awesome. I am always looking on ebay for an old pair in good condition. They are a bit heavy in the all leather construction but, if they are still true to the old style, they are great boots.

04-04-2014, 14:38
Just in case you want real wide boots

04-04-2014, 15:01
My experience was not positive. I wore Wolverines from Lehigh Gap to Harpers Ferry. Started hitting wet weather south of Duncannon and they started rubbing me the wrong way. I wore a pair of New Balance running shoes for the rest of the hike, no problems.

I have wide feet -- from hiking, I guess -- and often end up with New Balance something-or-other, for that reason.

Tennessee Viking
04-04-2014, 15:16
I wore Wolverines when I first started hiking and trail maintaining.

They are not good hiking shoes/boots. They are not meant to be lightweight or breathable. Rubber soles and steel toes make them heavy. They are not insulated. The soles are not good for constant walking trail tread with roots and rocks. I had my soles pull apart along the toes and heels, and crack open at the arch.

For trail maintaing, they were ok as long as I wasn't helping move large rocks or boulders. Steel toes...CHOMP!

New Balance and Merrels are always good wide toe shoes.

lemon b
04-05-2014, 00:37
I use them around the farm, that how I view them farming boots. My best luck has been wit Merrels and I usually go thru two sets ayear. I use the ankle type, Had some LLBeans they were comfortable wore out too quick.
Boggest diappointment were EMS Fronconia Notch. Thought the leathers would last for a thousand miles. But the bottoms actually fell off after 750-800 and they were expensive so I atick with Merrels because I know what I'm gettin nice comfortable 500 mile boot.

04-05-2014, 14:45
i know Wolverine has a rep of big clunky workboots. However these were the ones that I was looking at http://hikingboots.com/mens?attrids=1744,5132. I was looking at them because of the wider sizes. Just just like boots, or mids. I'm aware that NB makes a mid. I need something a little substatial.
I do have Keens and I wore them doing yard work. Soaked my boots and my socks, and jimmied a broom handle a few times where my small bunion lives. We'll see how it does.

Thank you all for your replies and help. I do not know many hikers personally, and I never heard of them using Wolverine Hiking boots, the ones made for hiking, not work boots that are used for hiking as well.

All the best,

04-06-2014, 13:10
I have a pair of Wolverine FULCROM Boots I used in 2012. They are comfortable, fit right for 10EEEE, water proof, leather, 54.9 oz., and pricey at $299.
No problem with them and great traction in mud.
Happy Trails

04-07-2014, 15:36
Thanks Deerpath for the suggestion.

Geez, I never would have suspected that getting good hikers would be a problem in a wide size?!?!

I checked out other brands suggested to me and they don't look like they would handle much I could be wrong.

I will continue to try to widen those keens. I put 30lbs of rice in my pack and hoofed 6 miles in our local state park. I soaked the keens with water and put 4 layers of socks on including my winter ones. When they dry out well enough I will see if they have widened up. If not it is good to know I have alternatives.

Damn Yankee
04-07-2014, 21:54
I just bought a pair of Sketchers Sport and love them and they have wides also. I got 4EEEE