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Jim Lynch
04-07-2014, 12:34
I've been using a Sublite for a few years now. I'm getting to the point where, as much as I like it, I'd like to consider something larger. The Sublite is a one person tent, single wall, weighing about 22 ounces. Any thoughts about a larger tent? Obviously I enjoy the light weight of the Sublite so sort of have a working limit of 32 ounces for a replacement.

04-07-2014, 14:08
Anything else in the TarpTent catalog that floats your boat and fits your weight criteria. I can think of several that meet the 32 ounce (+ or - a couple ounces). Interesting. The weight for the StratoSpires increased 2-3 ounces. No worries. They have the most protected space for their weight in the TarpTent catalog.
Happy shopping.


Jim Lynch
04-07-2014, 14:31
Thanks. I've looked at the Tarptent selections and there are several good choices, including the StratoSpires that you mention. I was really looking for more personal experiences with the tents.

04-07-2014, 14:41
Search TarpTent here at Whiteblaze. You will find a lot of reading material.
Side entry and vestibule works better than the end entry of your Sublite. Two side entries and corresponding vestibules work even better.
A full rectangular tub floor works better than a floor that tapers.
How much bad weather do you usually encounter? Any? Some? Lots? Do you often find yourself in gale force winds & horizontal precipitation?
After that, it comes down to personal preference, budget and self-imposed weight constraint.
Good luck.

Jim Lynch
04-07-2014, 14:56
Thanks. My Sublite is side entry. Don't really "get" end-entry tents. Don't get in real bad weather as a rule. I'm pretty happy with the pound and a half of the Sublite, so have a rough limit of an extra half-pound, or 32 ounces (total, including stakes, but not poles if I can use my hiking poles). Cost hasn't entered the equation yet, but I'm sure it will. Thanks for the suggestion of search WB.

04-07-2014, 17:55
The SS1 is a LOT larger but heavier too.
The Moment DW is also a bit heavier than you want but the inner is almost the same as the Sublite in floor space plus you have the two vestibules.
Because you use trekking poles the Notch cold be a good candidate depending on how you perceive floor space.
The inner of the Notch is narrower than the Sublite but still takes a 25" wide long mat.
You then have two decent sized vestibules.
With the mesh inner you see the walls of the fly so it does not feel like you are closed in.
Take a good look at the "show dimensions" drawings under Specifications in the product page.
Just FYI, I have cooked under heavy rain inside the Notch having the pack and food bits in one vestibule and my Caldera Cone working away in the other .
Not for klutzy /accident prone people or guys that have a drink before dinner but very doable (in non bear country....)
I'll post a photo later on of the Sublite Tyvek (same size as the sil) and the Notch side by side

Jim Lynch
04-07-2014, 18:05
Thanks. I'm really looking for more floor space than the Sublite. Doesn't sound like the Notch gets me there. Thanks for your first-hand experiences. I like the idea of a larger vestibule, and two entrances/vestibules is a plus but not imho a necessity.

04-07-2014, 18:12
Check out z-packs offerings, less weight more $.

Jim Lynch
04-07-2014, 18:29
Thanks, but they're out of my price range...

04-07-2014, 18:36
Anyweay this is how it looks :
I'm 5'8"

04-07-2014, 18:39
Should have mentioned that if floor space rather than under cover volume is your priority , than the Rainbow could be a good choice. Large enough to take two 20" mats .
Still I think the Notch works well for most.

04-07-2014, 18:50
Tarptent Rainbow is amazingly roomy for a solo tent, both in the footprint and the headroom.

04-07-2014, 20:59
Check out z-packs offerings, less weight more $. I like the zpacks. I am looking at the hexamid duplex. And yes money will come into the picture.

04-07-2014, 21:21
MLD doesn't seem to be mentioned here as often. I ordered the Duomid as I wanted more room but not more weight. Seems like the all around shelter, for me. Its roomy, its light, its simple setup, bomb proof, and a proven design. Inner net options or you can not use one at all during certain weather/bug seasons. Spacious for 1, can fit two, and can handle snow if you want something winter worthy. Can be hung from a tree to eliminate the center pole, or pitched A frame. Side entry. Can cook inside during nasty weather. I sold my TT for this shelter. I think the duo mid is superior to the TT SS1 in terms of weight and simplicity. Its got a smaller footprint I believe too. I returned my SS1 after an initial setup. Contrail didn't fit the bill either. They are great tents just not for me. Enjoy the hunt

04-07-2014, 21:28
You might give the Lightheart Solong 6 or the Duo a look, I am very satisfied with my Lightheart on all accounts. Guiseppe

04-07-2014, 21:45
Lightheart Gear Duo weighs 32 ounces and has lots of floor space (because it's a tent for two)! Side entry as well.

04-07-2014, 22:04
I like the zpacks. I am looking at the hexamid duplex. And yes money will come into the picture. This tent is only 20.9

04-07-2014, 22:07
Should have mentioned that if floor space rather than under cover volume is your priority , than the Rainbow could be a good choice. Large enough to take two 20" mats .
Still I think the Notch works well for most.

Since StratoSpire gained weight, the Rainbow may move to the top of my list. Looks like better wind shedding too.


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04-07-2014, 22:11
http://hikeitlikeit.com/2011/tale-of-three-duos/ here is a nice compairason of three tents

04-07-2014, 23:09
My wife and I have a Tarptent Rainbow. We both think it makes a good solo tent. It's so roomy that my wife will take our dog with her, a 90 pound shepherd.

04-09-2014, 17:05
I recently got a Rainbow. It was the "winner" of my search because I was looking for something lighter weight, but also with a lot of interior space. I'm 6'2 and I can comfortable sit up inside the tent. Plenty of room in there. Seam-sealed, mine is 34.6 oz plus an additional 1.8 oz. for the included stakes.

04-10-2014, 13:01
I have a Tarp Tent Cloudburst 2, Henry does not make it anymore but if you are open to finding one used, it has boatloads of space, however is a front entry tent. The Clouburst 3 is HUGE.....I moved to the Contrail to save the weight and that is my go-to tent.

04-10-2014, 13:25
Squall 2 is "middle sister" size-wise between the Contrail and the Rainshadow 2. All front-entry though. The Rainbow is great, but not really comfortable for two. The Squall 2 truly sleeps 2 for the same weight.

04-13-2014, 05:00
Someone commented on another forum about the room inside the Notch fly so I took this photo to possibly give a better idea :
that is of course with half of the fly folded back and the poles spread out.