View Full Version : Tenting at the Fontana Hilton?

Gambit McCrae
04-10-2014, 15:30
Is there space for my Hilleberg Nallo 2GT at the Hilton? I feel that I remember there being lots of room but I dont like to assume i am ever right lol

Tipi Walter
04-10-2014, 15:41
If I was you I'd take your Nallo tent and hike a bit further south from the shelter on the AT as the trail enters a couple sections of "deep woods" which is where I'd want to camp---just get water by the shelter and move on a couple hundred yards. If I remember correctly the shelter is real close to a drivable road and so you may get night gawkers and the alcohol-fueled and the howling bonobos so enticed by a shelter box that someone could trip right over your nice expensive tent.

04-10-2014, 18:04
There are a few places to tent near the Hilton, there are some cement tent plaforms on the hill above the shelter and a couple of grassy spots.

04-10-2014, 20:27
Ive been there 3 times, and havent seen a tent pitched there yet. Everyone sleeps in the hilton since its clean and spacious.

Will spend a 4th night there in about a week for a section with my son. This time we might tent since its will probably have a lot of thru hikers.

04-11-2014, 12:21
There are plenty of tent spots. There were several tents and even a cowboy camper, me, when I stayed there.

bamboo bob
04-11-2014, 15:39
Been there three times. Once plenty of room, once very full and in 2012 a dozen or so tents all around. I was happy to get a tent pad.