View Full Version : Large RV Parking in Damascus?

04-11-2014, 19:09
Hi All!
My dad and I are taking a Spring Break trip to Damascus to hike the AT ride the Creeper Trail, and enjoy life! We may need to park his large - 36 ft - bus style RV with a tow vehicle in Damascus for the morning/early afternoon on the way into Grindstone Campground. Is there a place where we can park it that won't be in the way? A large grocery store lot? Or maybe a church that we could ask permission from? I've been to Damascus once and while I have fond memories of the Creeper Trail and Mt. Rogers Outfitters, and eating pizza...I have no idea where one might park a large RV!

Thanks! :-)

Lone Wolf
04-11-2014, 20:01
try here, they should let you. not on sunday though http://damascusfbc.com/ and food city may let you

04-18-2014, 18:23
Thank you Lone Wolf! :-) We ended up not needing to park the big RV in Damascus! We were able to get into our campsite at Grindstone early in the day on Tues!

If you were around town yesterday you prob saw our car - it was the black jeep with the bright yellow kayak on top with FL plates parked near the Caboose at the Creeper trail! We rode our bikes up to Whitetop and, of course back down! Then enjoyed some awesome pizza at Blue Blaze Cafe!

What a great town! I enjoyed my short time there this week and can't wait to come back! I was excited to see 2 RV campgrounds right in town -I know my little van RV will fit there! :-)