View Full Version : AT hiker "Cake" has broke her leg and needs a ride north from Gatlinburg! I81corridor

04-14-2014, 21:28
It is actually a fracture below the right knee but the doc said no walking period. I cannot get off work till the weekend (I work at a hospital) If anyone is vacationing in the smokies and has room can you move her north up I 81. Gatilinburg is 9 hours from here ( Chesapeake VA) and Ashville is 8 hours, If she can get close enough I can red eye all night to pick her up. Thanks a bunch

04-14-2014, 21:34
Oh no!!! :( I hope someone can help out!

04-19-2014, 09:10
No takers, So Thur night I drove 8.5 hours to Gatlinburg Tn. Grand Prix hotel. Hitting I40 the last 36 miles in the middle of the night was "shall I say stressful" I think there may still be hand prints in the steering wheel. Oh when I left an ambulance side swiped me, he was empty but it was so strange. He kept pushing me off the road like he was asleep or something. I picked up Cake and 9.5 hours later we are home. Her hike is over, but she is so excited to have spent 3 weeks in the woods with such wonderful fellow hikers. $150 in gas apposed to $99 to fly to Atlanta. The ride home cost more. She saw several folks that had to end there hike early and many more that did need to see a doctor. Again this year a fellow with a spider bite on his toe was the worst looking injury. We saw a spider take a hiker off the trail for 2 weeks last year. The spiders are in the leaves, a hunt spider is what the doc said it most likely was. So camping, milling around for firewood is dangerous when it comes to spiders attacking you!