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04-16-2014, 15:36
I have been a fan of my New Balance 806s for so many years. I have finally destroyed my last pair and have to look for a new favorite since they long ago quit making em. The 806s were just made for me and heaven on my feet. I never had a blister on my whole 2013 thru.

I tried an MT1210 on a few sections when my wife was supporting me last year. I found that the MTs ran bigger than my 806s allowing my foot to "flop around" too much on rocky sections. I have given them to my son.

I just bought a size smaller version of the MT1210s and will be giving them a try on the AT soon. I have read great reviews from the MT 1210s and have my hopes up.

Do we have any folks that were 806 fans that found a new fave?
Do we have any folks that use the MT1210s and love em?

04-16-2014, 16:08
I remember my old pair of 806's from years ago. Loved them! When they finally bit the dust, I couldn't find them anywhere. Then, one Christmas a year or two later, I found a pair of 806's on line at Cabellas! Ordered a pair in the exact same size and width I had worn successfully in the past. Guess what? They were miserable on my feet! I stopped wearing them on the trail and used them around the house as work shoes. I could never figure out what the problem was with the new pair. Weird. :)

04-16-2014, 16:17
Then, one Christmas a year or two later, I found a pair of 806's on line at Cabellas!

Cabelas had a NB do a special run a few years ago after NB had already discontinued them. I bought every 11EE they had. Those worked out well for me even with some on those being in boxes in my closet for years.

04-22-2014, 10:13
I'm a big fan of them. I have also used 814s and 909s for backpacking, and have day hiked in 571s. For me the 1210s fit better in general. I have typically had to buy my NB shoes in size 13, which is a bit to big from a length standpoint, but I needed to get them in this size for the width. I gotta do Ds as all the EEs I've tried have been too wide. Enter the 1210, which has a slightly wider toebox. It works perfect for me, and I'm able to wear them closer to my true size (I have 'em in size 12.5).

Also, they are a great combination of comfort and flexibility in my opinion. I like to "feel the trail" as in often day hike in Vibram Five Fingers. I find that a lot of shoes have soles that are too stiff and/or to cushy for me to get this feel when I'm backpacking whilst still providing good support and cushion (if that makes any sense). The 1210s are a nice design that are comfortable yet let you "feel the trail".

04-22-2014, 11:57
I'm very happy with my 1210's as well. I like them better than the cascadias and the lone peaks. I do my road running in altras so I'm used to a big footbox and the 1210's still feel great.

04-23-2014, 08:26
Is this the shoe you all are talking about? Direct from the New Balance online shop:

http://www.newbalance.com/Leadville-1210/MT1210,default,pd.html?dwvar_MT1210_color=Black_wi th_Silver_and_Blue



04-23-2014, 10:55

04-23-2014, 15:12
Thanks! A friend of mine manages the New Balance store in Tyler, TX. I will check out these shoes.


04-24-2014, 07:33
Not your model specifically but I use the MT1010 and found them to be a bit big with my regular size. I tried a 1/2 size smaller and they were perfect. Since, I have switched most all of my shoes to New Balance and they run big generally as a brand.

Good luck!

04-24-2014, 10:37
Interesting observation My experience has always been opposite, they run small for me.

I have had good luck with MT810s and have two pairs in the closet when I wear out the current pair as size 13 EEEEs disappear off the shelves rapidly when the new model comes out. One thing I have upgraded to are montrail heat moldable inserts in place of what comes with the new balances. They have a more distinct arch. The trade off is they eat up a bit more volume in the shoes so if they are tight with the stock inserts someone may have to go up one size.

http://www.zappos.com/montrail-enduro-sole. The rear half has a stiffer section that also adds a bit of protection when rock hopping in the whites (my backyard). The inserts seem to last far longer than the shoes. I have two pairs and swap them out.