View Full Version : Wind/rain shirt/jacket for summer AT & JMT hikes

04-20-2014, 18:24
I always take my heavier OR Forey goretex rain shell (16oz)for colder months but can't see taking for summer sections on AT or thru in late Aug of JMT....tried driducks but tend to sweat too much .....thinking about only carying a 2.5?oz montbell tachyon anorak instead.. It has a dwr treatment...any thoughts?

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04-20-2014, 18:43
Well, I've seen guys take off their shirt and just hike bare-chested with their shorts when it's warm enough. I've never done it, but in some respects, that's about ideal. Your clothes stay dry, and your skin would get wet anyway whether it's from the rain or from sweat.

The bigger issue is what to do when it's 60 degrees. It's too warm to wear rain gear but too cold to go bare. I just tend to wear my Driducks and suffer through the sauna.

04-20-2014, 18:58
That's why I'm thinking shave the weight down to 2.5 oz w just ws

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Violent Green
04-20-2014, 20:56
The DWR on that MB Tachyon is going to keep you dry for about 10 mins...maybe. So, you need to think about how you would handle things if you had zero rain protection at all. Hike shirtless, hike in your normal shirt, etc. Very thin polyester shirts will dry quickly in summer, but you would definitely a backup shirt for when it rains at the end of the day & you have no chance to dry out. What about a 1-2oz plastic poncho? Ponchos breathe pretty well thanks to their design and at only an ounce, not much to carry.


04-20-2014, 21:04
Good idea...guess the question is it it worth having the wind shirt all ? Would retreating w nikiwax help?

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04-21-2014, 18:24
I guess this was your first thread concerning your dilemma. IMHO, even though it's not totally out of the question to experience a summer rain on the JMT, the likelihood of a heavy or long duration shower on the JMT in summer is, IMHO, low. The MB Tachyon over a wind shirt that also has a good DWR over say a light wt insulating layer should do ya OK on the JMT in mid-late summer.

04-22-2014, 23:50
I think it all depends on what you see as the most severe conditions you might encounter. 45F and 40mph winds in a downpour on exposed terraini in a storm, is different from a 55F drizzle with no wind. Prudence might dictate both sometimes.