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04-20-2014, 20:58
Wow, there is a lot of dust on the threads in this forum. Well I'm a new member and thought I'd stop in and say "hi".

I started hiking the IAT in September of 2012. Mostly day hikes with some weekend trips sprinkled in there. I'm going on my first (IAT anyways) multiday next week. I have from around Two Rivers through Janesville and some random segments complete. With a career change and a 7 month old baby, I don't get a chance to hike as often as I once did. I really hope to finish the IAT in 2016. As they say, " its not the destination, but the journey."

So what is your favorite part of the IAT? Least?

The Devils Lake section was the most fun for me so far. The miles of flat country farm road walking has been my least favorite.

04-21-2014, 10:00
Hey hows it going? I'm sectioning the IAT as well and have almost the exact same areas done. I've done from almost at Devil's Lake up to about Manitowoc and a couple other random segments as well. I'm from Chicago so I try to make my days count when I have to drive now 2+ hours to get to the trail, but if you're ever up for sharing a ride and knocking out some miles I'm down.

My favorite parts so far have been Lapham Peak and both the KMSPs. I haven't officially done the trail through Devil's Lake, but I've hiked it a million times over the years of rock climbing and day hikes around the park so I love that area as well. Least favorite - thats easy like you said - the roads!!! This past weekend was brutal. I did most of that long connector west (south) of Manitowoc and had maybe 2 miles of trail on a 30 mile day.

Best of luck if I don't see you out there.

04-21-2014, 18:57
I remember that connecting route. I did that segment on the 4/5 of July. Hot as hell with clouds of mosquitos and black flies. I'll take a polar vortex and 10 lbs of extra gear over biting insects any day.

Shoot me a message any time your going to be on the IAT. If schedule allows I'll join you.

Since your from IL I have a question for you. How is the Sand Ridge SF? I was reading about it and it sounds pretty cool. Next time I visit my sister (she lives in Chicago) I was thinking of swinging down and hitting it up.

04-22-2014, 10:58
Yeah sounds good. Hit me up if you need a ride or want some company as well.

Ya know I've never been down to Sand Ridge. I've heard it's nice, but I'll have to check it out sometime.

07-09-2014, 11:47
You may want to check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/214797715197465/ if you haven't already.

I am in Madison currently. Hard with young kids lately and other stuff going on, but I try to do new segments when I have the chance. I also volunteer with the North Country Trail Assoc. in WI. Also on FB at https://www.facebook.com/NCTinWI.

07-09-2014, 17:24
Hi all--I'll be starting eastbound on Sunday, August 17. Bummer that I'll miss the St. Croix Falls MSC event by just a few days! Am so looking forward to my stroll across WI!!!

07-12-2014, 14:33
Awesome! Keep us up to date on your adventure. Let me know if you want some company in the Waukesha area. Also heads up the mosquitos and black flies have been brutal. Bow season starts in September so watch for closed segments. Good luck!

07-12-2014, 18:04
Tnx, Glacier, I'm on it. Living in the NH Whites, I'm well acquainted with the Little Buggers!

07-14-2014, 10:55
Best of luck on your hike! Are you planning on a thru hike I take it? Starting in August hopefully the mosquitoes and more importantly the ticks won't be quiet as bad. We were just up at the Eastern Terminus this passed weekend and it was a good time. But I was up in the northwoods sections about a month ago and had over 20 ticks on my pants with every step. Even after cleaning off all day at every chance, at night I had at least 50 still hidden on me in every crevasse of my body and cloths. We were finding them in the car and even back at home almost 3-4 days later. Nasty little .........

07-15-2014, 21:05
That's why 80% of my hiking is done in the winter. I'm a mosquito magnet. ..and work is slower.

07-30-2014, 17:14
Hi all--I'll be starting eastbound on Sunday, August 17. Bummer that I'll miss the St. Croix Falls MSC event by just a few days! Am so looking forward to my stroll across WI!!!

Good luck, Trinn! Give me a shout if you need anything around Verona/Madison.

Turtle Feet
08-28-2014, 20:29
Happy to see a little more life on this board!

I'm in the 'thinking about' stage of an IAT thru-hike next year (2015). Maybe a westbound, starting mid-July to finish mid-Oct. in St. Croix.... not sure. The ticks & 'sqitoes are definitely a consideration in planning this trail. Thinking a mid-fall finish will give me some color to hike through too. Any suggestions anyone?

Keep us posted on your progress Trinn - let us know when you reach the Waukesha County area, I'll come out and do some trail magic!

08-29-2014, 00:11
The only problem I see with a mid fall finish would be going through northern wi during hunting season. The iata website did note closures on some of the private property.

Turtle Feet
08-29-2014, 07:28
Yeah, good point Glacier. It's sort of a shame too, 'cause the fall colors are so spectacular!

08-29-2014, 11:50
Not trying to discourage you from a fall hike. Just saying there would be more road walking and you might have to double back on some segments to avoid the posted private property.

Turtle Feet
08-29-2014, 12:20
I'll most likely watch this year's closings and see what it looks like. I love hiking at that time of year - the bugs are gone, the people are gone, and woods are gorgeous. Love the temps, it's all good! There's always an opportunity to do some flip-flopping around too. :-? Like I mentioned - still in the 'thinking about' stage.

lemon b
09-01-2014, 21:24
Just an observation on the blackfly issue. I live in a high Black fly population area. If one can find an area with a high dragonfly population the Black flies are a natural prey. Plus they are only a daytime problem. That said I live about 140 feet from a clean natural stream as in clean enough for brook trout. The blackflies never make it to the house, but there is always a large group of dragon flies zooming back and forth having dinner. Sometimes mother nature works on our side.

09-04-2014, 12:24
Hi all--I'll be starting eastbound on Sunday, August 17. Bummer that I'll miss the St. Croix Falls MSC event by just a few days! Am so looking forward to my stroll across WI!!!

Hope your trip is going well, Trinn. I'm in Milwaukee, and happy to offer a beer and any other help I can when you're over on this side of the state.

10-09-2014, 12:03
Hi all -- Have just finished eastbound "Part I" (St. Croix Falls to Portage). I had an absolute BALL and am psyched to return to WI next spring for "Part II" (Portage to Potawatomi SP).

10-09-2014, 13:54
Shameless plug, we interviewed Luke Kloberdanz (IATA outreach coordinator and IAT thru-hiker himself) on our silly little podcast. The interview is about 30 minutes in if you want to skip the beer, trails and nonsense. :)


10-09-2014, 15:38
Enjoyed the show Mags. It was my first listen and I like the banter and beer talk. I enjoyed the IAT section but I'd love to know who all these people were demanding an IAT segment on the show! lol They sure aren't out on the trail!!! :) Like Luke eluded to on the show your odds of running into another section or thru hiker on the trail are pretty slim. But I thought he did a good job of conveying the nature of the trail and where it is at relative to other trails. I had the same realization at one point that the roads and towns are not what gets me hiking (I would prefer to be in mountains and crossing streams) but it is a cool way to see towns and lives you would never otherwise see unless your car broke down while passing through.

Turtle Feet
10-09-2014, 15:46
Thanks for the plug Mags! I'll definitely check it out, and post the link on the IAT "Wannabees" page on FB. :sun

Turtle Feet
10-09-2014, 15:52
Congrats on your "Part 1" Trinn! I probably have only a 100 questions for you as I'm starting a thru-hike next July.

My number one question for those segments is water. Did you find it easy enough to source that you could carry 1.5-2L at a time, or did you need to carry more?

My number two question is regarding trail angels up there where a ride to town might be required to resupply. I'm not keen on hitchhiking. Did you find the list of shuttle people helpful or not?

Hope you had a great time in our beautiful state - we'll see you again in the spring!