View Full Version : Bang, zoom

09-21-2005, 18:39
I finished a week long trip in MA/CT last Sunday and have been really missing being out there.

Today I had to run an errand at a shopping center near work during lunch. Around the back of the center and down a hill is a little sushi place, so I decided to walk down there while waiting for my stuff.

As I was walking down the little grass and dirt hill, I was smiling thinking that it was good to be walking "off road" again. I was thinking the usual snotty stuff about how all of the other people walking around had probably never really been hiking, slept outside, etc.

That's when I slipped, fell right on my ass, and slid down the hill, all to the amusement of many, many passersby.

Lanthar Mandragoran
09-21-2005, 20:33
HAHAHAHA! Yeah, it's kinda hard to scrape your butt when you're in a car...