View Full Version : Where in CT or MA would you most like to see a new hostel

09-21-2005, 23:43
Is there anywhere in CT or MA that doesn't have a hostel that you would like to see one?

And other then the following key points - what would make a "great" hostel in your opinion?

-clean beds
-hot showers
-washer/dryer availability
-allows dogs
-has basic "store" - ie sells some of the more common fuel/tanks, tp, etc
-shuttle service to trail
-telephone availabilty (may need to use a calling card for the long distance -but no payphone)
-internet access
-will accept maildrops/bounce boxes

09-22-2005, 13:37
I'll address the issue for Mass. only. Great Barrington or Sheffield is one suggestion, as there is a long stretch (14 miles) without a shelter or campsite between the Glenn Brook shelter and the Tom Leonard shelter. North Adams is another idea. Seems like existing facilities in Cheshire, Dalton, and at the East Mtn. Retreat preclude those areas. And I'd avoid Lee and Tyringham due to the proximity of the Upper Goose Pond Cabin (not a hostel, but a desirable destination for most hikers). Though Tyringham is a neat little town and would otherwise be worth a look. Most important facilities would be showers and laundry in my opinion.

shades of blue
09-22-2005, 14:50
I hiked through this area back in June. Great Barrington was a pain in the a... to get into and I really needed the break. That is a very buggy area, and it was hot as ...well, you know where. I would've loved a hostel in this area...make sure you sell deet!

Kevin A. Boyce
09-22-2005, 16:16
Well if you can get past the hurdles of the locals, zoning, yada yada, I bet one near Salisbury, or even south of there like in Falls Village, would be a good location in CT.

I would second the thought of something near Great Barrington too.

I have debated this idea for a while too, where would be a good place, and what would be involved. If you are thinking of setting one up, way to go!

Catch you later...

PS... :) Either way, make sure that DEET is sold like someone else pointed out. If for no other reason, selling DEET in this area would probably make you a profit!:)

09-22-2005, 18:29
Kent, CT would be nice to have a hostel. There was no laundromat, expensive fuel at the outfitters and no showers. Plus you could run a little celebrity watching tour on the side.

09-22-2005, 18:42
Kent would be a good place. Already an outfitter in town. The town is a bit pricey (like most of New England) so it would great to have a place to shower, crash and re-supply. I stayed there on my thru in 2003 but the only way I could afford it was to grab a room at the Inn and then cram 3 other hikers in to lower the cost. In 2003 there was still a laundramat so that wasn't an issue (but I guess it is now). The little grocery store had all you needed for re-supply and great deli sandwiches.


max patch
09-22-2005, 19:28
Kent, CT.

Easy question!

Lone Wolf
09-22-2005, 19:31
The AT doesn't need any more hostels. Same for shelters.

09-22-2005, 22:16
My husband and I live in the middle of CT right now but we are Litchfield County (NW corner of CT) and Berkshires nuts. We keep looking to move to the New Milford/Kent (or even further north) area. Will probably do it in 2 years or so.

I was just sort of thinking outloud about a hostel sort of idea. Maybe not an overnight stay sort of place but "truck stop" for hikers. Be able to get a hot shower, restock, pick up/send maildrops, make phone calls, wash laundry, send email, make gear repairs, etc. Sort of a hospitality center. Have an area on the property to tent/hammock for the night and maybe a fenced in dog kennel if someone needs to go into town and doesn't want to bring the dog and tie them out in town. And since I am a dog lover - have some pet supplies (ie food, Frontline, etc) available as well for those hiking with Fido.

That sort of place :)

Sorry if that offends you L. Wolf.

Lone Wolf
09-23-2005, 07:11
Nope. No offense. I don't use hostels. They're wants, not needs. :)

Blue Jay
09-23-2005, 07:13
Sorry if that offends you L. Wolf.

Don't worry he dosen't offend easy, many have tried. :-?

09-23-2005, 11:59
The AT doesn't need any more hostels. Same for shelters.

i agree with lone wolf,shelters and hostels are not needed,i would rather stealth camp in my hammock any day:cool: neo