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04-30-2014, 03:38
I think I am going to head out to Linville Gorge this upcoming Monday through Wednesday. Never been out there before. Any must hike trails or recommended places to camp? Where is a good place that I can find a map?

Tennessee Viking
04-30-2014, 10:42
If you have a chance, make a side trip to Upper Creek Falls Rec Area. Its a very easy loop trail. But the scenary is worth it.

Are you doing the MST section or doing various Gorge trails? Be very cautious when fording the Linville River. The water levels have probably increased with all the storms. Definitely go by an outfitters (REI, Mast, CBS Sports) or the USFS office in Nebo and get either the USFS or Nat Geo map.

Table Rock is a must. There is a great site just below the summit just off of the MST. Its an small open area with views of across the gorge.
I always heard Shortoff is a bit of a challenge. Its one of the most remote parts and the rodo growth is fast. Not sure of the latest conditions, SAWS has been reworking a lot of the wilderness trails to better grade.

Steels Creek Falls is another great set of falls in between Table Rock and NC 181.

04-30-2014, 15:30
Lots of things to consider. You will need a permit to camp in the gorge. Spence ridge trail bridge is out. Heavy rains will make river crossings iffy. As TV said get usfs map it is the best. USFS office Nebo NC 828 652 2144. Last is gorge miles are not AT miles. Little trail blazes except MST. Have a great hike

04-30-2014, 21:08
Here is a resource for Linville Gorge hiking


Take a look at Shug Emery's trip videos at his youtube site. He has done several Linville Gorge trips, Shug is an old Charlotte fellow, lives in Minnesota now. Was in scout troop in Charlotte, worked as a clown with Ringling Bros. quite a talented guy, can even cook Carolina BBQ