View Full Version : Transport to Northern TH and From Southern TH

04-30-2014, 22:31
I'm planning a fall thru hike of the AZT sobo starting about Sep 5 or so. I'll have my car and can leave it with friends in either Phoenix or Tuscon, but I need a way to get to the north terminus and from the south terminus. Anyone familiar with any public transport that can help for Nogales to either Tuscon or Phoenix. I know there is a daily flight from Phoenix to Page, but anyone know of other public transport options. From Page, I figure I'll need to book a shuttle through one of the shuttlers listed on the AZT web page.

05-01-2014, 09:00
Most hikers access the southern terminus through Sierra Vista. The roads are easier that way. Still no public transport, but that's the way the shuttle will take you from Tucson, and it's (barely) possible to hitch that way. It sounds like you'll need to hike a few extra miles and a couple thousand feet down to the monument visitor center, too, rather than get a ride from the actual trailhead.

If you have friends in Phoenix and Tucson, see if you can convince them (with cash and gas) to shuttle you. I hear the shuttle from Tucson is about $170--that might be enough.