View Full Version : Backpacks: Switched from Osprey 65 to Arc Blast 60, shoulder pain

05-04-2014, 12:51
Hey all,

So this year I decided to replace my big four (tent, sleeping bag, pad and backpack). So far so good on everything except the pack.

I've been hiking with an Osprey 65 - I know it's bigger but when it's on and adjusted right, it feels like I'm carrying nothing. But since it's a heavier pack, I decided to try an Arc Blast 60 from Zpacks. It came yesterday and I just loaded with up with my gear - 25 pounds - and went for a 4 mile walk in the woods. Within 15 minutes, my shoulders hurt.

I had this problem initialy with the Osprey until I got the adjustments right, pulling the load lifter straps so the top of the pack was closer to me made a night and day difference on the Osprey. Also I made sure the hip belt was pretty tight. I ordered load lifters for the arc blast too. I've got them pulled in as far as I can. I put the tent at the bottom of the pack and then heavier items in the middle (food for one) and then lighter stuff I might need during the day toward the top.

I adjusted the frame as directed and I've tried different things. It's clearly a great pack - very well made and so light weight. I want to like it and use it but the shoulder pain is a deal breaker. Because of it, this pack "feels" heavier than the Osprey, if that makes any sense.

If anyone has the arc blast and has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.