View Full Version : New York Times Article: 9/23/05

09-23-2005, 21:17
is a link to the article appearing in the Escape's section of the New York Times, under the heading "Adventurer" - is Where Hikers Run Out of Trail by Sarah Tuff, photos by Herb Swanson. The article sums up the Katahdin experience, quotes a few hikers and pictures one (Masafumi Saito) and wanders around the basic story of the AT.
There is a lot about the article I like and are some things I don't - read the article and form your own opinion. For example, it may be cute to hear about a woman hiker at a shelter sleeping nude and jumping out of her sleeping bag when startled by a mouse, but I'm not sure that's helpful to those of us concerned about hiker safety.
Anyway, I've stood on the Knife Edge several times, and any article about Katahdin (why do they redundantly refer to "Mount" Katahdin) and the AT makes me feel good.