View Full Version : How to find local GA hikers who would like to hike Amnicola to Neels gap?

05-05-2014, 15:47
I joined recently, and so far have not found a thread on how to find local hikers from a specific region.

But I live in Dalton, Georgia about 60ish miles from Amnicola falls (im 20mi south of Chattanooga) and I was wondering if there are local hikers who live in the driving area of Amnicola falls who routinely hike the Amnicola falls to Neels gap path.

I have been trying to hike often the past few months and routinely do 5-8 mile day hikes in georgia, but only had 2 over-night trips.

But I would love to go to Amnicola and try the hike to Neels gap (Im told its 30-40miles) and would love to meet up with local people who have done this or know the area well. I've only hiked alone or with my Husky. So having a local fellow hiker buddy for the ocassional weekend/week-long hike would be great.

I would really like to try the Amnicola to neels gap sometime int he next few upcoming weeks, if anyone is interested.

And I'm sorry about rambling on. I'm still new to this site, but have been on here constantly and it's seriously motivating me to do more hikes and possibly get to do the bit hike next year.


05-05-2014, 16:01

05-05-2014, 16:05
i appreciate it. I think I even typed "meet up" int he search and found 192 pages of results. but yep, you found the one I was looking for.

I'll get more familiar with this site. I promise.