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09-23-2005, 23:12
I'm planning a section hike of NJ in October. Does anyone know if any of the "public" water supplies, such as the spigot near the Wawayanda shelter, get shut off in the off-season?

10-03-2005, 10:44
To add to your question; I am planning a hike in November and I'm looking to find out if the stream crossing the Iris Trail is running. I've read that its the closest water source to the Mashipacong Shelter. We've had a bit of a drought in NJ, wondering if some of the usual water sources are running at all or just slowed. Any help is appreciated.

10-04-2005, 19:50
Just got back from my hike. I only made it as far south as High Point and quit due to knee problems. Water was readily available at all the usual places from the NY/NJ border to High Point, including the spring at the High Point shelter.

There was a listing in the shelter registers, but it was dated 8/5/05. It said no water at Mashipacong. Good water at Gran Anderson, and very low flow at Rutherford and low flow at Brink Road. It also said that the Blud Mountain Lakes Road pump was okay, and a spring 400 yds down Millbrook-Blairstown roads was okay. It said Garvey springs, Ratlesnake spring and Holly springs were not reliable.

10-04-2005, 20:00
Mark, sorry your hike didn't last as long as planned. A friend and I are planning a section hike in early November. Do you happen to know if the Pochuck and Waywayanda water sources are still open then? Both are spigots controlled by the NJ DEP and the state park respectively.

10-09-2005, 13:39
That was my original question. I don't know the answer. The spigot at Wawa. is on the maintenance garage, which i assume is used year round. Their phone number is 973-853-4462 (Wawayanda State Park). I got this off a brochure i picked up at High Point.

I would just be leery of the water supply at the trail angel box north of Pochunk and the Secret Shelter, as these are both privately run.

I also got water from a small running creek (stream) just SOBO (actually west) of county route 565. I drank about a pint untreated and am still alive. You can see the creek on the official trail map. You can also see it on Google Earth. You can see the boardwalk between Rt 517 and Canal Road very clearly on Google Earth.

10-09-2005, 13:46
I'm looking to find out if the stream crossing the Iris Trail is running. I've read that its the closest water source to the Mashipacong Shelter.Mashipacong is in High Point State Park. Their phone number is 973-875-4800.

10-09-2005, 14:09
I used the following water spigots in early September from Delaware Water Gap to Unionville.

0.0m - Delaware Water Gap Info Center
+9.3m - Mohican Camp Road 200 yards west
+7.3m - Blue Mountain Lakes Road (Heavy hand pump)
+10.6m - Restaurant/Gas Station at Culvers Gap 1/4m west
+14.3m - High Point SP

10-09-2005, 14:54
FYI, the Wawayanda Shelter is really close to the State Park Visitors Center. The spigot could be off, but there is a bathroom inside the Visitors Center. You could fetch your water from there. Just use comon sense and leave your pack outside, or have a buddy watch it for you at the shelter.