View Full Version : Water issues Laurel Creek to Jenny Knob shelter in VA

05-07-2014, 16:55
Hey folks,

just wanted to let people know the water at VA 612 is contaminated according to the town - TruBrit was spreading the word to hikers in the area. This creates a bit of a water issue between Laurel Creek (VA 615, mile 580.5) and Jenny Knob Shelter about 20 miles away. There is water at Helveys Mill shelter but it's takes you about 1.2-1.5 miles round trip from the AT to the shelter/water and back.

there is supposedly some water 7miles beyond Harvey's mill (unreliable stream in awols guide), you just need to go 100 yards or so down from the AT to get to it. Not much but flowing.

05-07-2014, 22:41
Easy walk into the shelter but no fun going downhill to fetch the water. Might as well spend the night or make it a lunch stop. There are tent spots there too.