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09-25-2005, 15:01
Hi all,
I am thinking of a new pack. Mainly to cut some weight. Currently I carry a GG Vapor trail. I love the VT. Its got a great suspension and carries well, but it makes up 20% of my base weight and has about 25% more capacity than I usually need. My base weight is 10-12 pounds (depending if I have to carry that @$%#$# bear canister) and total weights max out at about 20 pounds for 5 day trips. More typically the total weight is 15-17 pounds or so.

I am looking for a pack that will help me in my never ending quest to cut some weight. One option is the mariposa or G4. The advantage here is that they have a more sopisticated looking suspension system than does the rucksac type designs. It would replace the Vapor trail for all my three season trips. However I am concerned that the pad will move the packs center of gravity further back and that the pad next to my back will be hot and sticky.

A simple packbag like the FF Thompson pack seems elegant but might be less comfortable to carry. One consideration is that if I buy the FF I can always go back to Vapor Trail when I need more capacity or support. The FF would likely serve in tandem with the Vapor Trail.

Basically I would love some comments from folks who have carried the G4/Mariposa or a simple packbag. I like the look of the Golite breeze but the reviews I have read have been mixed.


09-25-2005, 22:46
Take a look at the GoLite Jam. I've been very pleased with mine, and I've mostly carried similar weights to yours. ~2700ci, 21oz for a medium. You could probably do some strap-trimming to lose a few more ounces. It's a basic bag-type designs, but it has a very nice shape and carries very well, especially with a pad inside. I'm not sure how a @$%#$# bear canister would fit, nor do I know about the Garcia and Bearvault models... :] And if you like the VT, why not check out the GG Virga? Around 20oz or so with similar suspension.

09-30-2005, 19:02
I made my decision and have ordered the FF Thompson Peak pack. I was most attracted to its light weight of only 10 oz. I figure that if its uncomfortable with loads on the heavier end of the range I carry (17 pounds or so) I can use my GG Vapor trail for those trips. but for those weekend trips, especially in the summer, when I will be carrying a max of 12 pounds it might be just the ticket.

I did take a good look at the Golite jam at REI and it looks like a nice pack. I did like the padded back panel. But it weighed twice what the FF pack did and It lacked the Big mesh back pocket of the FF. ( I have been wanting a big external pocket, something the GG vapor trail is lacking). However for someone with one pack it might be a good choice. It certainly felt good with my gear inside and looks like a well made, tough little pack. I think that the Dyneema fabric looks like it would hold up well.

I will use the FF pack over Columbus day weekend on a four day trip (Sequoia NTL park if weather is nice or Los Padres if its nasty in Sequoia) and write a short review when I return.

My next purchase is a light weight pack for my wife.

10-02-2005, 22:22
Fanatic Fringe...they charge you more for the smaller pack that uses less fabric...geez