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05-14-2014, 14:59
631 miles on the AT.

Quick post of my gear 51 days into my thru hike.

Hammockgear.com. Thanks to Adam for overnighting a 50 degree quilt to me. It's a great deal, and weighs in at 10 ounces! It replaces my 20 degree, 20 ounce quilt which has kept me warm on the trail; I also have his Cuben fiber tarp with doors. Highly recommended.

Zpacks.com. I have the Arc Blast. So far, I am very pleased with it. Rugged, light, comfortable. 18-30 pounds pack weight and it attracts lots of attention. Stays dry in the rain. Recommended.

Clark NX-250 jungle hammock. Under 3 pounds with whoopie slings. 6 pockets, so nothing is on the ground. A bit heavy, but I love sleeping in my "tent" off the ground. Recommended!

Trail runners. I'm 62, and I have had blisters since day one. I used New Balance MT 1210's, got over 700 miles on them, but I am going to my heavier boots. The rocks are tough on the feet, especially downhill, and I'm hoping for fewer blisters.

Patagonia Cap 4 Hoodie. My go to layer from 30-60 degrees.

Old Hiker
05-14-2014, 15:32
Loved my Clark - that's the old North American, I think. Had to go to the ground - too hard to stay dry in a driving, cold rain in the mornings.

Good luck on the hike - Trail Journal?

05-18-2014, 19:53
A/B. Sounds like all is going well on your thru. I'm almost 62, so I appreciate the effort. I have a quick Question on your ArcBlast. I too own one, but to date have not been caught in that all day driving rain, so.... Is the pack totally rainproof? Can I give up my pack cover? Can I stop using my large Sea to Summit dry bag? I gotta believe you have been through enough weather to know this?

Thanks, and continued success.

05-22-2014, 10:10
Hi. Trail journal is www.secondjourneys.com.

ArcBlast IS waterproof. I don't use a pack cover. Inside I DO use a trash compactor bag just in case; I put my sleeping bag/quilt directly in it without the stuff sack, as well as my sleep clothes and close it. Then hammock, mattress, food bag, tarp, and extras bag, bottom to top. 18 pounds base weight winter, a couple of pounds lighter now.