View Full Version : Does anybody need a ride to Amicalola/Springer?

05-14-2014, 20:46
Im assuming anyone doing a Thru hike has already left. But if anyone needs a ride to Amicalola/Springer, let me know.

Im going on a 1night hike to Springer but I can give somebody a ride and drop them off.

I live in Dalotn, Ga, 60mi NW of Amicalola but I can go a bit out of the way if needed.

My dates are very flexible.... but if i need to give ya a ride, thatll help me be firm on my trip as well.

05-19-2014, 11:41
Hey there Ricky,

Male, 23 year old eagle scout here:

I'm looking for a ride to Amicalola on Saturday May 24th. I'll be flying in to Atl that day, but I can take Amtrack to Gainseville. Looks like that is a bit out of the way for you, but is there any chance you could make it work? Of course I could pitch in for gas.