View Full Version : Ride Offered: Roanoke area to TD on Friday

05-14-2014, 23:14
I've talked myself into going to Trail Days after waffling on the matter. Just in case there's anyone still looking for transportation, I thought I would offer up a seat in my Jeep, and that is seat singular as there just won't be room for more than one rider with gear. I'll be starting in the Roanoke area mid-morning on Friday, and I don't mind deviating a few miles to pick someone up (e.g., I'm not willing to go to Pearisburg). Also, depending on how I am feeling, I may want to take a detour to some place like Channels State Forest or Grayson Highlands for a quick day hike coming or going. If anyone is interested, PM me and we can hash out details. See everyone in Damascus!