View Full Version : $1 Shuttle to Fontana?

Happy Feet
09-26-2005, 22:50
Does anyone know if the $1 shuttle is running at Fontana?

We're about to leave on a BMT sobo thru-hike starting at Davenport Gap and want a maildrop in Fontana. I would think that the AT SOBOS would be coming through soon, so hope the shuttle is running. Would appreciate if those in the know would share!

09-27-2005, 09:09
Happy Feet here is what I recommend due your mail drop at the Hike Inn Jeff and Nancy are great people. When you come down to the visitors center call them and they will come and pick you up. It's a great place to stay.
Info. as follows:
www.thehikeinn.com 828-479-3677

One other thing you could resupply there they will take you into the town of Robbinsville,NC if you don't want to do a mail drop.

Happy Feet
09-27-2005, 09:18
Thanks, EZ-DOES-IT. We've been through several times on the AT and have not yet stayed with them. We did meet them at the BMT Grand Opening in July. They are very nice folks.

09-27-2005, 10:01
There is a post office at the Fontana Village for a mail drop. The lodge at Fontana is open year round, and does have a reasonable buffet service for meals. The general store can't be relied upon for resupply. The $1 shuttle has always been available with a phone direct to the Fontana call center to summons the ride.

Jeff is very friendly and keen to help. I did not stay with him on my section hike there, but would expect it to be a very good experience.

Happy Feet
09-27-2005, 14:05
We usually look forward to staying in the Village at the Fontana Inn, picking up our drop at the PO and doing laundry on a zero day before entering the park. We also enjoy the hot shower at the dam if not staying in the village. In the past it's always been on a nobo hike and done in the winter/spring.

We've never been thru in the fall of the year, so I was wanting to know if anyone has first hand knowledge if the shuttle is running from the dam to the village in early October?

max patch
09-27-2005, 17:55
email: [email protected]