View Full Version : Satechi GoRemote - Waterproof bluetooth phone camera shutter and more.

05-21-2014, 19:17
I personally use a stickpic at the end of my trekking pole along with my phone to do all of my picture and video taking while on the trail. I like to use a bluetooth remote to trigger the camera, as setting up a shot within the allotted time is a pain. Plus, when filming, it saves storage space by eliminating the awkward and loud shuffling to turn on/off the camera at the start and end of a video. You can take multiple pictures without moving your camera, and it's an all-around great thing to have when you hike by yourself or otherwise just like to record the experience.

Until now, there was no waterproof option in bluetooth remotes, and they're really not too durable either. Satechi (Maker of the most common/popular remote currently) has introduced a new rugged and waterproof model on kickstarter. If this is something you would be interested in, please show your support: they haven't seen much.


I'm not at all affiliated with Satechi (Which, despite the odd name, is actually an American company)....I just really want to see this become a reality as a waterproof camera remote is one of those last little annoying bits of gear that keeps me awake at night window shopping online.

05-21-2014, 19:29
Oops, the last link was to the project update page. This is the project home page: