View Full Version : Class of '15 Training Hikes Great Smoky Mountain Park Area

05-22-2014, 21:48
I'm planning a 2015 thru hike starting around April 1 and live about 45 minutes from the GSMNP. I have been doing a lot of 15 - 20 mile day loops, and have put away close to 175 miles since late February but need to access the deeper areas that require car shuttles, and would like to work on my "Map" - the 900 miler recognition while training for the AT (I will have about 260 total miles after this coming weekend). I would like to connect with others in the 2015 class in the TN/NC/GA/VA area to do some overnighters and knock out more miles. I'm testing out a good bit of gear, and have most of mine set. Drop me a line if interested. [email protected]

05-22-2014, 22:30
great idea, wish I lived closer, I would definitely be interested in doing those hikes with you, keep at it!

05-23-2014, 03:00
I live 20min south of chattanooga (62mi west of amicalola/springer),

3 days ago, me and my dog did our first section hike from Amicalila to Springer (Black Gap Shelter).... next week or so, I hope to do the next section (springer to Hawk Mountain)

05-23-2014, 18:35
Would love to, but that would be a bit of a rough commute coming from California! Best of luck, and maybe we'll run into each other on the trail :)

05-23-2014, 21:09
Nothing wrong with hiking for hikings sake.

But you really dont need to "train" for a thru.

Id say you are way ahead of most.