View Full Version : Meeting Warrior Hikers

Damn Yankee
05-29-2014, 22:06
The Warrior Hikers made it to Waynesboro today and are staying at the Grace Lutheran Church Hostel so, I decided to take a ride over and welcome them. In talking with them I found out that I will have my choice of trails to pick from if I do get chosen for next year. I live close enough to the AT and have plenty of time now since retiring so, rather than doing the AT next year as I was planning to do, if I have my choice, I think I am going to pick the PCT as I will most likely have a hard time getting out West otherwise so, just a backup plan. Here are some pictures of the Warrior Hikers who are in great spirits and doing well. If anyone has met or knows Ginger and Gilligan I also met them tonight as well. What a great night.2719827197

06-01-2014, 05:15
Hiked with them out of Springer this year, great guys.