View Full Version : LOST: Stuffed bear - great sentimental value!

05-30-2014, 20:13
My wife of 31 years tells me that, when I go on the Trail, she finds comfort in holding a stuffed bear while she lays in bed without me.
Because of that, she gave me a stuffed bear for similar comfort at night.
He's (yes, I think of this bear as a "he" not an "it") the plaid bear at the bottom of this photo

My memory tells me that I had that bear as I began a short hike south from Highway 9 near Bennington VT last Wednesday, May 28th.
I do not remember him as I stayed near the Congdon Shelter or at Sherman Brooks Camp Site, but I really wasn't looking for him either time.
I did not find him when I got to Highway 2 in North Adams this morning. I thus thought I had failed to even pack him when I left.
But now I can't find him at home. The monetary value is infinitesimally small, the sentimental value is quite high.
I also can't find my cheap, orange rain poncho; but that can easily be replaced.

This stuffed bear can't be.

05-30-2014, 20:18
I'm hopeful it will be found...call it a hunch!

Wise Old Owl
05-30-2014, 20:50
ya going to need a bigger bear....Tell her it jumped ship and you need a Stuffie as a pillow at night... she will get over it... all young peep's are into stuffies....