View Full Version : warp II alcohol stove, who sells this?

06-01-2014, 10:52
I have several alcohol stoves and looking at utube it appears that the warp II outperforms them all by far. I do not have the means to make one, so who can make one for me?

Odd Man Out
06-01-2014, 12:34
The videos come from Flat Cat. He doesn't seem to sell them on his site, so I would contact him.


Have you seen the eCHS. I've been playing with this one recently. It's pretty easy to make and requires no special tools.



Maybe not quite as powerful, but very efficient and easy to use. You have to be careful comparing stove specs as everyone does their tests a little differently. Also, I don't want my stove to be too powerful as more powerful stoves are typically less efficient. Plus they burn my dinner since I'm likely to cook in my pot.