View Full Version : Thru Hike After Hip Replacement?

06-04-2014, 11:29
Has anyone here thru hiked after a hip replacement surgery or know of anyone one who has thru hiked after a hip replacement?

I haven't had a hip replacement myself but my girlfriend did a couple of months ago and she made a great recovery and is now walking without a walker or cane. She's not going to thru hike but it got me thinking if it would be possible for someone to thru hike or does your extended walking become limited after surgery?

For those of you who don't know what hip replacement is. It is basically a hip joint replacement usually due to severe arthritis.

06-04-2014, 12:44
I know someone who ran 16,000 miles after a hip replacement, then had to get a second one because she wore out the original! So I would say it's definitely possible.

I myself just had a hip arthroscopy to repair my labrum and remove some extra bone. I'm only 3 months post-op, but so far can hike about 7 miles and am still improving.

06-04-2014, 20:11
I had my left hip replaced 8 years ago. I've hiked extensively with it in the North Carolina/Tennessee mountains. Tried a thru hike in 2013. Made it from Springer to Duncannon Pa. and had to get off the trail......because of a torn meniscus in my right knee. I never had even a minor pain or problem with my artificial hip. I suggest strictly following any advice the physical therapist provide. Those folks know her stuff. I plan on finishing the AT in 2015.

06-07-2014, 10:11
The Canadian Geese hiked the entire trail in 2010 despite the fact that Richard's knee AND hip had both been replaced. He found it difficult to do some of the more rugged climbs, but he otherwise had no trouble banging off 15 miles per day. I had the fortune of sharing the Geese's 30th wedding anniversary celebration at Stratton Pond shelter during 2010. Here's their trail journal if you want to better understand how Richard dealt with his hip: