View Full Version : Advice for first-timer on Ga. stretch?

01-13-2003, 14:21

I'm trying to get together a couple of my fellow Midwesterners to hike all or part of the Ga. porition of the AT in early June, like the second week. Any general advice someone could give me? I'm looking at hiking five days or so, starting at Springer Mountain, and have next to no experience hiking, although I'm in excellent shape (I work out almost daily) and have camped a couple times.


Blue Jay
01-13-2003, 14:45
You are in for a wonderful time. There are five flowering shrubs blooming at that time. I you get up when there is just enough light to pack, you'll be walking in the mist through a forest of flowers. This includes the Flame Azalia that if the sun hits it at the right angle will hurt your eyes with beauty. You are a very lucky human being.

01-13-2003, 15:24
Your description makes me all the more eager to go. I'm an early riser (of course, I don't typically hike 12 miles with a full pack up an incline each day, either), so I hope to catch some of the sights you write about.

Happy trails.


Lone Wolf
01-13-2003, 16:36
Advice? Take it slow, don't push too hard and have a hell of a time! There should be plenty of water. Georgia AT has a lot to offer.

01-13-2003, 17:36
I am on the AT monthly, year-a-round.
I have done a six mile swim.
I have done the Bright Angel Trail in one day down and up.
I too work out every other day and every other day do something aerobic.
Nothing gets you in shape for the AT but the AT.
The AT is a teacher, he teaches slowly, dont push the teacher.
Hiking is relaxed effort. It is slow burn. It has humbled many.

If you are from the Midwest find the nearest set of hills you can find. If you can't find any find a skyscraper and the stairwells within-get to know them well with successfully heavier loads.

With that said I have only done Springer to Neals and that was last summer when it was 98 in Hotlanta. I enjoyed every step of that hike and you will too.

If you buds dont make go for it anyway. You will meet many hikers that time of year. This weekend we saw no one but ourselves and that is ok too.


01-13-2003, 19:48
I gotta go with Lone Wolf on this one. Pace yourself. There's plenty of time to stretch the legs and do the big miles. Unless you've trained really hard I think you'll find the first few days in GA to be a bit breathtaking ...both in terms of beauty and heart rate.

01-13-2003, 22:14

#1 Dont over do yourself your coming from flatland and to mountains when you think you can run 6 miles in level ground could take you about 3 hours in the beginning in Georgia.

#2 Watchout in June Sometimes the Army Rangers are doing their OPS4 training south of Springer mountain. They have specific instructions not to bother hikers, but keep your eyes out for them. You will know if they are there b/c you will hear them shooting and you will also see thier vehicles all along FS 42.

#3 Water make sure you bring enough water

#4 Enjoy!! and watch out for the skeeters!