View Full Version : Parking in Pearisburg

06-06-2014, 18:01
Anyone know of a safe place to leave a vehicle in Pearisburg for about a week?

Lone Wolf
06-06-2014, 19:56
Holy Family hostel

06-06-2014, 21:18
I did Pearisburg to Harper's Ferry and Don Rains was gracious enough to let me leave my truck at his house since he was going to help out with the return by shuttling from Christiansburg back to his house...helluva nice guy.

06-06-2014, 23:30
When I did that section, I called the Giles County Wellness Center (located right by the trail in Narrows), and got their OK to leave my car in their lot. Don Raine's picked me up there and drove me to my starting point. It worked perfectly.

06-07-2014, 18:41
mapquest----3745 virginia ave., pearisburg, va. 24134

07-29-2015, 22:05
I'll just link to my response elsewhere